‘The Newsroom’ Will End This Fall

Along with other notable HBO series.

HBO’s “The Newsroom” will return for a third and final season this fall. The show was recently renewed by HBO nearly four months after the finale of the drama’s second season.

Joining Aaron Sorkin and executive producers Alan Poul and Scott Rudin is Paul Lieberstein. The former showrunner and actor on NBC’s The Office will serve as a third executive producer on the show. Production on The Newsroom season 3 will begin this spring. Recently, the producers have been meeting to decide what will be in store for the upcoming season.

Given the fact that lead actor Jeff Daniels recently won an Emmy for his portrayal of news anchor Will Mcavoy, the show’s nearing end does seem a bit odd. Additionally, the series has also witnessed decent ratings by HBO’s standards, raking in 2.2 million viewers on the night of its season 2 finale.

The Newsroom isn’t alone in its ending. HBO also announced that True Blood will be ending with its seventh season expected to air this summer, and Boardwalk Empire which is expected to air the fifth and final season this fall. With these series ending, HBO is ramping up recruitment on new series. These series include The Leftovers from Damon Lindelof and Mike Judge’s new comedy Silicon Valley. True Detective, starring recent Golden Globe winner Matthew McConaughey, airs Sundays at 9pm ET/PT before Girls.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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