Rick Ross’ ‘Mastermind’ Review

“There is no such thing as something for nothing. Everything, including your personal success, has a price that must be paid.”

Maybach Music Group’s CEO Rick Ross releases his highly anticipated sixth, full-length album, Mastermind. Will it live up to the hype?

I just upped my stock! Rick Ross’ sixth studio LP “Mastermind” is a mind-blowing experience, effortlessly annihilating all of his previous projects. He may have finally found the anecdote that proves himself a worthy candidate to the Hip-Hop audience who has continuingly doubted his judgment in the past. “Mastermind” brings an impeccable track list, hilarious skits, Hip-Hop heavyweights and timeless production together to form Ross’ best work yet. Although this may not be rendered as an instant classic, it’s definitely Ross’ classic.

Besides the expected catchy hooks like “BLK & WHT” and “Drug Dealer’s Dream” and his familiar “I’m a boss” redundancy that has made his career artistically stagnant, “Mastermind” is a breath of fresh air, accompanied by witty metaphors and wordplay. He’s lyrical and most importantly, he’s honest, which is not a word commonly used when describing his previous work ethic.


“War Ready” features Young Jeezy, Ross’ long-time and now ex rival. “Sanctified,” which features Kanye West and Big Sean are some of the most memorable tracks in this collection. The most personal and climatic moments come from “Nobody” featuring French Montana, where Ross’ flow is clearly reminiscent to the late great Biggie Smalls, even mimicking his “Going Back To Cali’s” “still B-I double G, I, E.” It becomes very nostalgic on initial impact. Executive producer Diddy has his influence vividly painted all over it. He goes on a rant about authenticity that catapults this album into complete perspective.

Production wise, “Mastermind” brings the variety. With well-respected producers like Mike WiLL Made It, Travis Scott and even the legendary Scott Storch who was brought from the living dead on “Supreme,” composing not too complex beats that are looped with heavy percussions and horns. They essentially leave you with this undeniable hardness and old school 90’s vibe bumping through your speakers.

The Breakdown

This album has the capability to silence the doubts and calm the storms. “Ricky Rozay” has learned to stand on his own and to practice what he preaches, which will gain him a newfound respect within his unbalanced fanbase. The sixth try seems to be the lucky charm for this veteran. With “Mastermind,” he’s finally found his niche… Ross has finally found his soul.


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