Iggy Azalea’s ‘The New Classic’ Review

With “Fancy” blazing up the airwaves, rapper Iggy Azalea finally releases her first project, “The New Classic,” in attempts to silence critics and doubters alike.


With a strong following behind her, Australian bred rapper Iggy Azalea has generated a lot of buzz for herself, but can that buzz be catapulted into full-blown superstardom?

After months of pushed back release dates, Grand Hustle recording artist Iggy Azalea finally debuts her anticipated first full length LP “The New Classic” today, but after lending a keen ear, the album title might be a little too far fetched and optimistic. “The New Normal” could have sufficed just fine.

Lyrically speaking, Iggy is just not up to par. You will be left with nothing more than mere disappointment from the lack of complexity and redundant references to her physical and material wealth on tracks like “New Bitch” and “100.” She has the tendency to not make that personal connection with her music, ultimately leaving that gap open for authentic questioning. “Rolex,” is one of the only songs on this 15-track record that possess some form of substance, where she narrates a failed relationship with a fellow rapper. If that’s not enough, features from artists like Rita Ora (Black Widow) clearly outshine all of Iggy’s missed attempts to make a lasting impression when it matters most.


When examining Iggy’s delivery, it’s the aspect that needs the most attention. Her flow, at its best on “Goddess,” is very condensed and rushed, and at times becoming impossible to understand what she’s saying. If anything, “The New Classic” has mastered the art of the danceable hook. She shines with hooks on “Work” and “Change Your Life” giving a glimpse into why she’s retained some sense of admiration.

Production on “Don’t Need Y’all,” accesses a line of synthesizers that adds a smoothed out melodic effect. Tracks like “Fancy” produced by Invisible Men are exposing heavy drops while “Lady Patra” exudes a Caribbean reminiscent that all essentially ties into the same realms of creative productivity; it’s decent at best.


“The New Classic” embodies that pretty girl bounce aura. It falls short on all things Hip-Hop, satisfying the Pop listeners and leaving Hip-Hop heads mortified. Iggy Azalea is going to have to reevaluate her angle in this industry, hone her craft and find something else to rap about besides not being a basic bitch. It’s been done, and we don’t care.


*This review of The New Classic is based on the 15-track Deluxe Edition.
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1 Comment on Iggy Azalea’s ‘The New Classic’ Review

  1. denissetakes // June 7, 2014 at 6:08 AM // Reply

    I haven’t heard it yet but I just had to mention that I really enjoy hearing her rap.

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