Lily Allen’s ‘Sheezus’ Review

“Give me that crown, bitch. I wanna be Sheezus.”

British pop singer Lily Allen is back with her fourth album “Sheezus,” giving “Yeezus” a run for its money!

Lily Allen has emerged from her five-year hiatus with “Sheezus.” Explicit, raw and hilarious, this album takes on a feminist approach to making a statement. “Always trust the injustice ‘cause it’s not going away” and hopefully neither will Lily because her voice is immensely needed.

First of all, Lily writes her own songs, amazing songs, which automatically puts her in a superior musical position. She walks that fine line of pop and alternative, but it’s effortlessly done. Throughout this project there is a lot of name-dropping, especially on the title track “Sheezus” where she makes it a point to reiterate the pressures that are automatically placed on female pop stars to compete with one another instead of just acknowledging their art. Her wordplay is natural and separates her from the crowd, tackling issues like double standards, sex and money, Lily’s pen skills are something to be afraid of.


Most of the tracks on the album are equipped with sing-a-long hooks like “Air Balloon” and “Hard Out Here,” but for those that are not, they are delivered with angelic and heartfelt vocals that cannot be denied. Ballads like “Somewhere Only We Know” don’t play much on range, but they can still stand on their own just the same.

“Sheezus’” production is fun, upbeat and diverse; there’s something for everyone. “As Long As I Got You” has a country line dancing inspiration with lots of horns, “Insincerely Yours” has an epic disco vibe, while “Silver Spoon” is making consistent use of the snare drum, which is often used in hip hop. Lily isn’t swallowed whole by these beats, she remains the main attraction.


Girl power is ever present at the core of this album. The honesty of this long awaited project is what allows it to stand out during this time of generic and predictable music. Lily Allen is the alpha female, freakishly talented and progressively strong.

Have you listened to “Sheezus” yet? Let us know what you think of both Lily Allen and “Sheezus” in the comments below.


*This review of "Sheezus" is based on the 14-track Standard Edition.
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  1. Carla Allen // May 6, 2014 at 8:37 PM // Reply

    Ms Allen ur reviews are great. I hv read about some new artists and will try my best to check thm out. Keep up the good work. .

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