Louie: “Back” Review

“So Pinocchio was going down on this girl…”

“Louie” returned from an extended hiatus this week as Louie talked the building blocks of comedy with a janitor and faced the horrors of middle-age back pain.

Note: The following review goes into detail about the episode. SPOILER ALERT!

Louie: “Model” Review

It’s finally here, guys! “Louie” has returned from a massive 19-month hiatus with the appropriately titled episode “Back.” Things start off in traditional “Louie” fashion as a loud garbage pickup one morning leads to an all out assault on Louie’s bedroom, with the men crashing through his windows and throwing trash everywhere providing some hilarious visuals. We then moved into the first segment where Louie talked comedy with the janitor of his apartment building. I really enjoyed the janitors misunderstanding of the joke as well as his constant need to repeat it for Louie to “get it.” Equally ironic was how he felt Louie ruined it by explaining the way to tell it.

The episode then traveled to a poker game involving Louie and his comedian pals (now featuring Sarah Silverman!) as they discussed how often they masturbate, leading to some great interplay between the group as the men and women compared their habits. Finally, we reach the main part of the episode where Louie developed a severe case of back pain and hilariously had to limp his way from a store to the doctor on the ground floor of his building (with some help from a kind old lady). This provided the episode’s best scene, as a sandwich-munching doctor explained to Louie that his back would never stop hurting because “humans are using it wrong.” The rant that followed was classic “Louie,” with the doctor offering no advice but rather a monologue on evolution. The stand-up segments were great as well, with Louie’s bit about how young people perceive what age is considered “old.”

(Credit: FX)

(Credit: FX)


All in all, “Back” had a ton of great moments in the tried-and-true “Louie” style. It’s pretty clear that Louis C.K.’s creative abilities haven’t dulled at all over the long break, as this was a pretty strong episode to return with. “Back” was not only a great story about the subject of back pain, but a great reminder of how great it is to have again a weekly dose of the sardonic view that “Louie” has of the world.

How excited are you that “Louie” is back? What’s your favorite moment from the past seasons? Let us know in the comments below.


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