The Black Keys’ ‘Turn Blue’ Review

“Dance all night cause people, they don’t wanna be lonely.”

The Black Keys released their eighth LP, “Turn Blue,” on Tuesday, May 13, taking their ever-changing audience on a turbulent ride.


Midwest veterans, The Black Keys, Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney, sets everyone up to murder their rewind buttons with “Turn Blue,” turning their adversaries into believers and making their supporters even more proud.

This album clearly expresses that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. There aren’t extreme amounts of lyrical complexity, which in this case, is great. It’s very literal interpretations behind the connotations of all 11 tracks. “10 Lovers” expresses a lost love and “Year in Review” demonstrates personal growth, all conveying a riddle that you don’t have to go in search of in order to solve.

Fever (Via:

Fever (Via:

Expect to experience an overdose due to flawless vocals. They are fragile, almost broken tones that ring out like echoes on tracks like “Waiting On Words” and “In Time” where it’s mostly sung in falsetto, yet the album as a whole experiments with opposing ranges. It’s soulful and without a doubt felt from the heart.

There are lots of elements and components that come together to inflict that jukebox feel that “Turn Blue” presents, such as drum kicks and organs. The title track “Turn Blue” is reminiscent of renditions incorporating keys throughout, as well as the opening track “Weight Of Love,” which starts off with a mind-blowing two-minute guitar solo that assists in giving the overall sound an imminent authentic vibe as if the entire 45-minute album is a live session.


“Turn Blue” is rock, blues, soul, alternative and R&B, all wrapped up under the same blanket. The Black Keys has a distinct sound that continues to expand but one thing stays the same, they simply create down home, substantial, good music.

How did long-time listeners enjoy “Turn Blue?” Thoughts from new fans? Let us know in the comments below.


*This review of "Turn Blue" is based on the 11-track Standard Edition.
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