Louie: “Elevator Part 2” Review

“Columbus was a genocidal murderer. And they want me to draw him smiling.”

Jane continues to act out at school, and Louie begins to spend some time with Amia in the second chapter of “Elevator.”

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Louie: “Elevator Part 3” Review

Note: The following review goes into detail about the episode. SPOILER ALERT!

“Elevator” is going to be a rare multi-part episode for “Louie,” as Louis C.K. seems intent on using the setup of beginning a relationship with Amia to its fullest extent. “Part 2” continues the threads of the first one, advancing both his daughter Jane’s disciplinary troubles at school and his budding relationship with Amia, the niece of a woman he rescued from an elevator (whose name is finally given as Evanka). There’s a decent amount to cover here, so let’s jump on in.

This episode’s proceedings kicked off hilariously with Louie carefully picking various snacks and gourmet treats before arriving at Evanka’s apartment, carrying with him a way-too elaborate gift basket for Amia to thank her for the pie she baked him. Of course, Amia isn’t there to see the fruits of Louie’s labor, leaving him to “enjoy” the basket alone with Evanka. Louis C.K’s acting abilities were on full display here, as Louie’s reaction to Amia’s absence was priceless as he half-heartedly agreed to stay and chat with Evanka. Getting some backstory about her and Amia was nice as well, revealing the two to be Hungarians and Evanka as a singer (who doesn’t know any English songs).

(Credit: FX Networks / Via:

(Credit: FX Networks / Via:

The other major part of the episode focused on Louie being called to pick up Jane, who was sent home from school for pulling a teacher’s skirt down. Her heart-to-heart with Louie about why she did it provided more than a few chuckles, with Jane describing her philosophical objections to the education system and providing more than a few quotable lines. It’s hard to tell exactly where this story is going, but the path the show seems to be taking to get there is interesting enough that I’m ready to see where it ultimately concludes. Louie reunites with Amia as the episode winds down, asking her to go out on the town of them, which led to a sweet montage that provided a some laughs as he and Amia strolled the streets. While Louie traditionally shows a dirtier, less romanticized version of New York, this sequence was strangely reminiscent of works of directors like Woody Allen or Wes Anderson, with smartly chosen classical music playing over offbeat character interaction. The note C.K. decides to leave things on is a decidedly positive one. For the story of Louie and Amia, this is really only the beginning.


Looking back on it, this was one of the finer episodes of “Louie.” Jane got some really great lines (and expressed some hilariously well-thought out ideas on the school system), and Louie got some good moments with Evanka and Amia. The ending especially used the stylistic elements and music cues of other directors well, creating an all-around engaging episode that really makes me want to see what “Part 3” brings.

How are you enjoying this “Elevator” saga? Let us know in the comments below.


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