50 Cent’s ‘Animal Ambition’ Review

Got rich and still dying to win.

50 Cent continues to make his mark on the world of hip-hop with “Animal Ambition,” his fifth studio album releasing today with visuals.

For years there has been talk about Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s rap career being deemed as “OVER,” but he’s back with “Animal Ambition,” and well… 50 hasn’t gone anywhere in particular.

We all know 50 Cent is an undiplomatic trash talker, period. And what makes his tactics tolerable in both the past and present is that he’s that one in a million who can actually back his antics up. But what’s so confusing about his lyrical patterns on this project is that it comes off as a contradiction. He still possesses the struggle and woe on tracks like “Chase The Paper” and “Irregular Heartbeat,” writing as if he’s experiencing a sense of incompletion, but on tracks like “Don’t Worry Bout It” and “Winner’s Circle” it seems as if he’s content with his accomplishments. There isn’t any topical balance and his lyrical ability hasn’t evolved, it’s the same old 50 Cent, which could come off as both a blessing and a curse.

That signature, gritty sound we know and love is still as potent as it has always been. His ability to take his time in his delivery and enunciation, and still be able to hold his listeners is both risky and admirable, but he manages to do it without fault. He tends to ride the beat from beginning to end consistently, which explains the sing-a-long factor on “I’m A Hustler” and “Hold On” as well as other tracks. With features from Jadakiss and Yo Gotti, 50 Cent knows the voices that help to compliment his style.


50 is known for his infectious hooks, and the production of “Animal Ambition” helps in assisting this formula. Produced by Shamtrax, “Pilot”’s “better back up off me bitch, watch me ball” is back upped by the steady progression of keys and an 808 that leaves a smooth sail. And single “Smoke” featuring Trey Songz is a club banger with a lot of distortion, while “Everytime I Come Around” featuring Kidd Kidd is heavy repetition that is closely quartered. Overall, there aren’t any unexpected surprises, and production sticks to its hip-hop roots.


“Animal Ambition” is a rich man’s rollercoaster. It’s the “Get Rich or Die Tryin’” moniker that captured our attention and the multi-millionaire business mogul who doesn’t want to lose his edge. 50 Cent hasn’t lost it; he just hasn’t found anything new.

Has 50 kept up with your standards? Did he fall off long ago? Hit us up in the comments below.


*This review of "Animal Ambition" is based on the 11-track Standard Edition.
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