5 BIG Games Coming to Wii U in 2015

Maybe this is the time to buy a Wii U.

Here are 5 games you should look out for in 2015 whether you are a Wii U owner or not.

The Wii U may not be selling as much as other consoles on the market, but today Nintendo’s E3 Digital Event revealed some pretty high caliber titles. Sure, “Super Smash Bros.” is (possibly) coming this winter, but let’s look ahead to 2015.

Star Fox Wii U

Not much is known about “Star Fox Wii U” except for the fact that it will have a significant focus on the Wii U GamePad. When the player looks down, they are presented with a cockpit view of whatever vehicle they are operating. Those vehicles currently include the classic Arwing, which now features a helicopter, and the Landmaster tank which you can switch to on the fly.

When Nintendo released their earnings call, they mentioned that this next fiscal year will see more of a focus on the GamePad, something we saw proof of with their “Amiibo” effort. “Project Giant Robot” and “Project Guard” are two other projects coming in 2015 that will focus on the GamePad as well.

Yoshi’s Woolly World


“Yoshi’s Woolly World” comes from the same developers that brought Wii owners “Kirby’s Epic Yarn.” With the game being a spiritual successor, there’s no surprise the aesthetic is the same. What the developers wanted to stress was that this game is not like “Mario” where the goal is to complete specific challenges in the interest of time, but rather about taking your time to explore these beautifully crafted levels.

There are a couple new things that are different from what Yoshi fans are accustomed to. When Yoshi digests his enemies, they aren’t deposited as eggs but rather as balls of yarn that you can throw at enemies or objects to solve a puzzle. The game also features co-op where two players work together, with one being the classic green Yoshi and the other, red. The two work effectively together. One player can eat the other and spit him to other places that are inaccessible to a mono-Yoshi. The game is filled with vibrant colors, and the textures and characters alike are something to adore.

The Legend of Zelda

The 2015 “Legend of Zelda” game has a new vastly open world. The game looks beautiful and is an exploration based experience. The game drops you in the middle of the ‘New Hyrule’ world and challenges you to try and make it to certain places. The entire world is a puzzle this time around unlike past games. Formerly, it’s been a more linear experience in terms of puzzle solving, but the challenge here comes from exploration and finding something here that works there. This is said to make this a gameplay experience different from those that came before it.

Also in the briefing was a trailer showing what can be expected in gameplay as far as enemies and weaponry goes. A giant, fire-shooting octopus-turtle-(bear?) hybrid comes after Link, and instead of donning his iconic sword, he wields a mystical bow and arrow which is artfully crafted. The game looks gorgeous and really showcases what Nintendo is able to achieve with the Wii U’s graphical prowess. The art style looks to be caught in between “Wind Waker HD” and “Skyward Sword.”

Update: Game Producer Eiji Aonuma is teasing that the character seen in the trailer may not be Link.

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

Kirby is getting sequels all over the place: spiritually with “Yoshi’s Woolly World” and now a direct sequel to 2005 DS title “Kirby: Canvas Curse” in the form of “Kirby and the Rainbow Curse.” The Wii U GamePad is essential to this game as most of it takes place on the controller. You can draw paths for Kirby to follow and ones that can block other obstacles to prevent harm. Also shown in the trailer is the familiar boss fight with the iconic Whispy Woods tree.

There are new vehicles in the game Kirby can transform into. A submarine, rocket and tank were vehicles shown in the trailer with each having a unique way to navigate the widely colorful levels.


Mario Party 10

The “Mario Party” series hasn’t seen too much of a revolution and has been flopping critically for a bit. The latest game in the series is “Mario Party: Island Tour” for the 3DS. Wii U has the privilege to house the next installment in the classic “Party” franchise in the form of “Mario Party 10.” Not much is known about the game, but there is a new “Bowser Party” mode. Continuing the promise to focus more on the GamePad, the person using it during this mode becomes the long-time foe of Mario. The occupier of the GamePad can chase after other characters in attempts to take them out with fire breath (so a family-friendly version of “Evolve?”).

“Mario Party 10” will also be compatible with Nintendo’s “Amiibo” initiative as well.

These are all big titles to look forward to in 2015 for Wii U owners, curious onlookers and others. These are classic franchises given new air to breathe. Nintendo is really emphasizing the GamePad this year and that should help distinct the console from those both past and present.

Which Wii U games are you excited for in 2015? Did you see any titles that made you want the console? Wa-hoo in the comments below.

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