‘Smash Bros.’: Three New Fighters and 3DS Delay

Who's Next?... oh, wrong fighter.

Three new “Smash Bros.” characters have been confirmed and a delay hits the 3DS version of the title.

Is it safe yet? Are the new announcements ever going to stop coming? I tried writing this several times, but as soon as I did another fighter was announced. Will it ever end?

The first fighter, announced at the very beginning of Nintendo’s Digital Event, is the Mii Fighter. The reveal started with Reggie Fils-Aime and President Iwata having a “Smash Bros.” style brawl that ended in a draw. Determined to not let it end there, the two of them decided who was best through a battle between their Miis in “Smash Bros.” While I was initially unimpressed by this, it actually adds the most gameplay options of any character. Mii Fighters have three fighting templates: Brawler, Sword Fighter and Gunner. Brawlers are similar to Little Mac and get in close to the enemy with fisticuffs. Sword Fighters use a blade, along with other weapons, making them viable fighters from close to mid range. The last template is the Gunner, which has a Megaman-esque blaster on their arm for ranged combat. The Mii Fighter also has four special moves the player can pick from a list of twelve, adding even more options to the character. Personally, I am really excited to make a little “Teen Titans” Cyborg Mii for the Gunner class.


The next fighter is fan-favorite Palutena, from the “Kid Icarus” series. Fans have been hoping for this character for some time now, so it is nice to finally see her as a playable character in the series. It is not very clear yet how she is going to play, but based on her reveal trailer she seems like a mid-range fighter that can teleport and speed around the stage reflecting attacks and shooting lasers. Dark Pit also appeared at the end of her trailer, and it is not clear yet whether he will also be playable or just an alternate skin.

The final character revealed is Pac-Man. He was revealed at the developer roundtable Monday, as well as a Pac-Man inspired stage for the 3DS. His character model is based off of the “Pac-Land” model of Pac-Man. Very little is known about how he will play in “Smash Bros,” but we do know that his final smash attack is giant Pac-Man, which is pretty darn cool. Like Palutena, another possible fighter also appeared at the end of Pac-Man’s trailer, though this one is much more likely to be included in the game. Mr. Game-and-Watch made a brief appearance, though he has not yet been confirmed as a playable character. I would highly doubt that he will be skipped, however.

The last bit of “Smash Bros.” news is a disappointment. The release date for the 3DS version of the game has been pushed from this summer to October 3. While to many this may not be a big deal, for fans like myself it is a major disappointment. The Wii U release date is still stated as holiday 2014.

Out of the three characters revealed, which are you most excited for? What character do you want in the game that hasn’t be confirmed? Let us know in the comments below.

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