True Blood: “I Found You” Review

‘True Blood’ does very little this week.


Note: The following review goes into detail about the episode. SPOILER ALERT!

This week’s episode titled “I Found You” brought very little to the table. This isn’t okay given this is, well, the last season! Things should be hitting hard, there should be some sense of finality here. Instead we get Sookie and the gang going on a road trip that served as filler. The only useful thing to come out of the trip was the displayed havoc that these Hep-V vamps can reap as they sucked an entire town dry. The thing is, we got that when we saw the ditch of dead bodies. With five of the show’s biggest characters in one place, you’d think the plot would have had a kick, sadly we just got nostalgic Sookie reading a diary and everyone else reading the writings on the wall.

We didn’t get much of Bill or Eric in this episode. We actually got more of the two in the forms of a dream and a flashback. The episode opens with Jason finding Eric hiding out, something I was actually glad to see as I expected this was Jason’s key arch in this final season. How cool would it have been if Jason was the only one who knew where Eric was? Turns out it was just one of Jason’s lustful dreams induced by Eric’s blood. At the episode’s end, we finally see the real Eric who Pam discovers is infected with the Hep-V virus. (Hopefully we get some answers to how Eric survived the sun.) On the heels of this episode as well, we get a brief interaction between Sookie and Bill with her asking can he still feel her if she was in danger. This whole ending of the episode felt rushed, a shame seeing as too much time real estate was awarded to boring subplots.


Speaking of those, let’s talk about Fangtasia. We get to know more Hep-V vamps in the upper part of the vampire bar and they all seem pretty fierce. We saw Arlene’s ploy to escape using her position as a mother of one of the kids that the reaping vampire used to teach. There was little hope given, but in the end Arlene along with Holly and Nicole were left stuck in the basement. Let’s hope this story doesn’t go on all season, because quite frankly I find it hard to care about any character in it at this point.

I’d have to say the most exciting part of the episode was watching the town rally together and prep for the fight of the night, no matter how stupid they are. This was all sparked by the discovery of dead, frozen bodies in the coolers that the Hep-V vamps are sure to return to. After destroying Merlotte’s Bellefleur’s, the Bon Temps gang headed to the police station for guns and ammo. In attempts to stop the rather easy overtaking of the station, Adilyn tried to warn Deputy Jones, but was quickly taken hostage causing Jessica to sense her dangers which in turn led to Andy and Jessica making amends for the sake of Adilyn’s safety.



True Blood was pretty static this week. Even with five of the show’s biggest characters in one storyline, satisfaction was not received. Lettie Mae continues to an on screen nuisances, and Fangtasia housed the same repeated plot from last week with little change. While we didn’t get much of Bill or Eric this episode, both characters got interesting set-ups for what’s to come. True Blood really can’t afford these slow episodes as there are only eight left to wrap up the story of Bon Temps.

Anything stand out to you in ‘True Blood’ this week? What did you think of Eric’s return? Share all your thoughts in the comments below?


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