Sia: ‘1000 Forms of Fear’ Review

With “Chandelier” still blazing up the charts, Sia releases her seventh LP ‘1000 Forms of Fear.’


12 songs. 49 minutes. One message:

Embrace your fears, but never let them destroy you.

1000 Forms of Fear is the correct term to use if you were ever asked, “So, what is this album about?” From “Big Girls Cry” talking about the woes of being emotionally unavailable to “Straight For The Knife” discussing the dilemmas of trust and fame, Sia tells both sides of every story she decides to write down, the good and the bad, like on “Fair Game.” She challenges all of her outcomes, “This love immortal is an assassin’s delight.”

Sia’s vocal range reaches desperation. She purposely strains it in order to show the heartfelt nature in her words like on “Fire Meets Gasoline” and “Dressed In Black” but she also has the capability to be extremely melodic and controlled but still flamboyant, putting you in the mindset of Amy Winehouse. Her words are very quick paced and cluttered but it adds character and it works. Although she’s straight to the point, Sia does wander off into these ad-lib driven rants, particularly on the hooks or towards the ends of her songs that can become nothing more than just “a bunch of noise.”


Greg Kurstin produced multiple tracks for 1000 Forms of Fear, including hit “Chandelier” that are essentially rock driven with loud hooks that unites drums and keys. “Elastic Heart” featuring The Weeknd, produced by Diplo, has a poignant cultured beat. There are also 80’s enthused tracks (“Free The Animal”) and EDM ballads, which are… different.


Besides being a trailblazing powerhouse who continues to remain significant, Sia has really great cover art and even greater music, and is probably still writing for your favorite artists. She’s contemporary, alternatively, seasonally gifted.

Feed this animal… she’s hungry.

What do you think of Sia’s style? Still banging “Chandelier” or something new? Let us know in the comments below.


*This review of 1000 Forms of Fear is based on the 12-track Standard Edition.
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