Nerd Issues Weekly #6

YouNerded’s weekly Pull List for the week of 7.9.2014

Get your fix with ‘Rocket Girl,’ ‘Spread,’ and ‘Spider-Man 2099.’

In this edition of Nerd Issues Weekly, we’ve got quite a few thrillers featured, while we also will be showcasing a mix of work between newer creators and veterans of the game. Let’s check out what this week has to offer!

1. Grayson #1

Story by: Tim Seeley
Art by: Mikel Janin
Publisher: DC Comics
Price: $2.99


The character that everyone has grown to love in Dick Grayson is getting a revamp this week thanks to Tim Seeley of former Hack/Slash fame. Mikel Janin, who has been featured in the past two entries of the Batman Eternal series as well as Justice League Dark is going to be handling the artwork, with Andrew Robinson and Phil Jimenez being featured as cover artists for the first issue. In this all new ongoing series, we see the man who previously was a sidekick as Robin and a superhero as Nightwing get yet another role, this time as agent Spyra. Expect to see a whole new version of Dick in this new thrilling chapter that is sure to surprise.

2. Spider-Man 2099 #1

Story by: Peter David
Art by: Will Sliney, Rick Leonardi
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Price: $3.99


For those of you unfamiliar with the web head of the future, the role has since been taken over by Miguel O’hara. In this series we see Miguel trapped in the year 2014 where he has been sent back in time by his estranged father who just so happens to be the head of the treacherous company Alchemex. Look as Miguel tries to take this opportunity to stop Alchemix before they gained any real traction as his existence is also put into jeopardy. This issue of Spider-Man 2099 will mark the return of the series’ original creator Peter David, and will feature work artist Will Sliney and will even feature a cover by co-creator Rick Leonardi.

3. Spread #1

Story by: Justin Jordan
Art by: Kyle Strahm
Publisher: Image Comics
Price: $3.50


Spread is the science fiction horror series from the team consisting of writer Justin Jordan (Green Lantern: New Guardians, Shadowman) and artist Kyle Strahm (We Will Bury You, Hack/Slash). After humans dug far too deep, ancient power was found that has since been classified as the Spread. Plaguing the earth, genetically contorting and mutilating everything that it has come into contact with, it brought humanity to the point of extinction, until last minute solution to slow the Spread was found. Now it is up to a lone man who is confided deep within a quarantined zone of the Earth to attempt to save a young girl who just might be the greater solution to saving the rest of the planet.

4. Rocket Girl TPB Vol. 1 Times Squared

Story by: Brandon Montclare
Art by: Amy Reeder
Publisher: Image Comics
Price: $9.99


After successfully completing a Kickstarter campaign and almost doubling the goal of $20,000, Rocket Girl was launched by creators Brandon Montclare and Amy Reeder in the Fall of 2013. The story follows a teenage time traveling cop, Deyoung Johannson, as she travels back to 1988 to investigate possible crimes enacted by the corporation Quantum Mechanics. Aside from having a compelling story featuring a luminary character, Rocket Girl also features some of the best cover and page art that creates a truly aesthetically delightful piece. Be sure to pick up this trade in time for the return of Rocket Girl Vol. 2 later this Fall!

5. Constantine #16

Story by: Ray Fawkes
Art by: Jay Leisten, Edgar Salazar
Publisher: DC Comics
Price: $2.99


In continuation of the series that was launched in March of last year, Constantine #16 picks up with John traveling into the dark, cavernous Black Forest located in Germany. On this venture, John attempts to save the life a of mystic healer who is currently being hunted down by the Cold Flame assassins, but things turn awry, he finds himself on the other end of the hunt, being tracked by down by a ferocious werewolf of the Stained Claw. Check out this chilling, mysterious series if you’re looking to explore the darkest parts of the DC Universe, or want to get an idea of who John Constantine is before we see NBC launch its new drama, Constantine, based on the comic and starring Matt Ryan as the title character.

What are you guys looking forward to picking up this week that we didn’t cover? Let us know in the comments below!

Source(s): TFaw, ComicList

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