Weezer Announces New Album and Release Date

Four years later: Round 9

Weezer is back with a classic producer and a new label.

It’s been four years since acclaimed rock band Weezer has put out any music, but all that is about to change because on September 30, they will release their ninth studio album Everything Will Be Alright In The End.

Collectively, the band decided to halt their 13-million-record-selling career to focus on fully completing the creative processes of writing and composing back in 2010.

The new album will be a blend of both new old talents. The old in the form of Cars’ Ric Ocasek, who produced 1994’s Blue Album and 2001’s Green Album, fan favorite albums that helped construct the early “Weezer sound,” and the new in the form of the newly formed label Republic Records. This will be the first album released by Republic Records.

Weezer is currently gearing up the fan’s anticipation on a small summer tour in a big city near you:

Las Vegas’ the Cosmopolitan (August 1)
The Del Mar Thoroughbred Club Summer Concert Series (August 2)
Appearance @ L.A.’s Made IN America (August 31)
Riot Fest in Chicago (September 14)
Denver, Colorado (September 19)

Are you glad Weezer is getting back to the classic sounds of the Blue and Green Albums? Or are you a fan of their newer, Top 40s style seen in Raditude? Sound off in the comments below!

Via: Pitchfork
Source: Youtube

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