Wilfred: “Answers” Review

‘Wilfred’ went a little meta this week as Ryan sought answers from a social psychologist in the show’s most mind-bending episode yet.


Note: The following review goes into detail about the episode. SPOILER ALERT!

Well guys, we finally got an episode where Ryan started going straight up insane. Ryan’s level of sanity has been a fairly prevalent theme throughout the show, but it’s never been presented as extreme as it was in “Answers.” But boy did it deliver, with a lot of great humor and some hilarious twists. After finding a list of witnesses his father used when representing the cult, Ryan and Wilfred go to see a social psychologist (played by the Hobo with a Shotgun himself, Rutger Hauer) that knows about it, but won’t talk until Ryan agrees to let Wilfred participate in a study he’s conducting on animal behavior. Around the same time, Ryan finds out that Wilfred emailed the photo of them to his father, so he decided to let Wilfred do the study not only to get answers, but to get some good ol’ fashioned revenge.

In true Wilfred fashion, though, everything wasn’t exactly as it seemed. Ryan became a little wary of the doctor when he kept dodging his questions, and the experiment went awry when Ryan discovered Wilfred would be receiving electric shocks. Wilfred’s reactions to the shocks were hilarious, with his self-satisfied scientific musings giving way to terrified accusations of where the shocks were coming from. Ryan then notices the machines hooked up to Wilfred aren’t even plugged in, leading to a hilariously passive-aggressive fight between the two as Ryan revealed he knew about Wilfred’s email. Things took a turn for the crazy when Kristen showed up, questioning Ryan and then trying to jam a syringe into his neck in a hilariously over-the-top change in tone.

The rest of the episode saw Ryan navigating a Truman Show style world as all the people in his life were revealed to be actors. Wilfred being chewed out by a brunette Jenna was a delight, as was the amazingly-meta scene of Ryan sneaking into a dressing room to see Wilfred at long last take off the dog suit and reveal Jason Gann’s human form. Gann acted the part wonderfully, completely keeping character outside of the dog suit and wringing even more out the show’s hilariously absurd premise. But of course, for the second time this season, Wilfred pulled the “dream” card and revealed it all to be a hallucination from a drug added to the water offered to Ryan during the experiment on Wilfred. The doctor’s explanation of this was priceless: “It’s a new interrogation drug. Got the idea from a Batman movie.” The final revelation about the cult also provided a few chuckles as it moved the story forward, as the doctor confirmed that the dog god “Mattdamon” was real, but there was also a trickster god called “Krungel” who sought to ruin lives and looks exactly like Mattdamon. These dog worshippers sure had a rich mythology, didn’t they?


All in all, “Answers” was one of the best episodes of the season thus far, and probably one of the standouts of the entire series. Though the twist could be seen a mile away, the journey of seeing Ryan’s hallucinations and paranoia about Wilfred was great, and finally getting to see Jason Gann out of the dog suit was a delight. “Answers” did everything an episode of Wilfred should, moving the plot forward while making some great jokes along the way. This is the kind of surreal, no-limits storytelling that Wilfred excels at and is making Season 4 a really memorable one.

How many WTFs did you drop this episode. Team Mattdamon or team Krungel? Let us know in the comments below.


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