Andy Grammer: ‘Magazines or Novels’ Review

“Back Home” singer Andy Grammer turns up the heat on sophomore album ‘Magazines or Novels.’


Any one of the 11 tracks on Magazines or Novels, 30 year old singer-songwriter Andy Grammer’s second album, could easily become successful mainstream singles. With killer hooks and life-like topics, you may fall in love.

Grammer has conquered the act of motivation through song. His lyrics are both inspiring and true, but with an around the way breeze that’s both fun and energetic as well as relatively personal. “Pushing” is a perfect example of maintaining self preservation and “Masterpiece” is running the course in search of the pursuit of happiness. And although love is the essential bubble, it isn’t wholly in the romantic sense, it’s in internal form.


Grammer has the kind of voice that can experiment with opposed genres. Sometimes it’s country-like, like on opening track “Honey I’m Good,” and then happy go lucky pop on “Forever,” but the aspect that stays the same is his contemporary soul that croons just right every time.

Production is standard protocol, but there are some standout tracks that play big on echos and tempos throughout that add that needed sophistication, such as “Blame It On The Stars.” But all in all, there are lots of guitar riffing, foot tapping, two stepping occurrences that’s hard to stray away from.


Magazines or Novels is filled with realizations of life. It’s music for summer nights, it’s music for the dreamers, it’s music for the road less traveled.

What was your first impression of ‘Magazines or Novels? Let us know in the comments below.


*This review of Magazines or Novels is based on the 11-track standard edition.
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