‘Odyssey Vol.1: History Lesson’ Preview

Get a fresh inside look at ‘Odyssey Vol.1: History Lesson’ written by David Elliot.


This week marks the release of the trade Odyssey Vol.1: History Lesson, a combined collection of the first issues in the series created by David Elliot, which also features artwork by Garrie Gastonny and Tony Cypress. In Odyssey you can expect to see the perfect blend of mythology, military forces, and superheros, all combined into one story as we see this super soldier trek across history.  Check out our preview to the all new graphic novel, below, and be sure to get your hands and/or eyes on Odyssey Vol. 1 this Wednesday, August 6.

Odyssey Vol.1





*This preview of Odyssey Vol. 1: History Lesson is based on a digital copy of the graphic novel provided by Titan Comics.

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