Ariana Grande: ‘My Everything’ Review

Not even a full year after her widely successful debut ‘Truly Yours,’ Ariana Grande resurfaces with ‘My Everything’ and three top 6 hits.


As told on “You Don’t Know Me,” it’s sometimes very easy to forget that Ariana Grande is a grown ass woman, seeing how indescribably… cute she continues to be, but with My Everything, her sophomore album, she lets you feel the enticing flames of her blossoming womanhood and how innocent she is not.

Ariana possesses a rare pair of pipes that are so well developed and an imminent range that she’s not afraid to put on display, both coupled with being untouchable within her generation of musical peers. Whether she’s belting on “Why Try” or serenading on “Best Mistake” which features Big Sean, her go to rapper when it comes to a hot collaboration, who assisted in making this one of the album’s biggest stand out tracks. Although it’s impossible not to make the cliché Mariah Carey octave correlations, her voice remains an extension of Diana Ross soul, Biggie Smalls hip-hop, and most importantly, Ariana Grande’s edition of what pop should sound like.

“Break Free” featuring Zedd is a pop-edm showcase that channels a bubblegum faded sound, but then you hear her runs and ad-libs on tracks like “Only 1” and “Be My Baby” that makes you wonder: WHY ISN’T SHE SINGING THIS KIND OF MUSIC ALL OF THE TIME?! And the answer simply is that it’s because she’s an extremely versatile artist who doesn’t have to stick to one distinct genre to secure her success; her talent speaks volumes.

Of course My Everything has those heart wrenching ballads that are gut-bustingly passionate enough to steal your joy and keep you up at night, but they are few and far between. Ariana confesses all of her life’s indiscretions in a blatant way whether she’s heartbroken (“Break Your Heart Right Back”), horny (“Hands On Me”), or the heartbreaker (One Last Time), and they are all accompanied by amazingly harmonized background vocals that are quite refreshing.


My Everything is a product of clarity and growth for this 21-year-old silent killer. She’s on top of the music world… how could you not be when even the worst song on your album is a number one hit single?

Is Ariana Grande the new it voice? Were all the collaborations a necessary component? Let us know in the comments below.


*This review of My Everything is based on the 15-track Deluxe Edition.
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  1. This album is really good.

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