Maroon 5: ‘V’ Review

The band is still in full funk effect, and their lead singer’s voice is still one to be reckoned with.


…and a song, you will find.

How many choruses does Maroon 5 have in them? An infinite amount, apparently.

Starting off with Maps: A wise choice for an introduction and first single off of their fifth studio album, V, which steers the entire album’s alternative direction.

Animals: The thirst is very real, and the head bobbing is inevitable.

It Was Always You: This jam packed, techno track is a savior to those trying to get out of the friend zone.

Unkiss Me: The melodies within the verses makes it even more clear that you can’t undo the past even when you can see your future, no matter which way you write it.

Sugar: Would have been better as a ballad.

Leaving California: This is the Maroon 5 that people know and love… or hate.

In Your Pocket: “If you have nothing to hide, show me that phone in your pocket girl.” Slightly hilarious and good as hell, this is exactly what happens #WhenShitGetsReal.

New Love: It’s always great when an ‘f’ bomb is dropped.

Coming Back For You: Dedicated to the hopeful romantic.

Feelings: The psychedelic production on this dance track keeps up with Adam’s amazing vocals on this amazing song.

My Heart Is Open: A duet with Gwen Stefani? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Shoot Love: Guess this is what happens when you go extreme mainstream.

Sex and Candy: When you record a cover, THIS is what it needs to sound like… “Mama this surely is a dream.”

Lost Stars: An acoustic Adam Levine song to close the show.


Once you take the fact that Maroon 5’s beloved talents have become watered down and overly saturated out of the equation, V isn’t a bad album at all, actually, it’s a good album… it’s just not Songs About Jane good, and it would be unfair to keep wanting them to recreate the past. This is the now, this is the music they are making, Let them live. And hey, at least it’s waaaaaaaaay better than the last album, give the men some credit!

What do you think is the formula for Maroon 5’s longevity? Is ‘V’ what you expected it to be? That comment section needs filling.


*This review of V is based on the 14-track Deluxe Edition.
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1 Comment on Maroon 5: ‘V’ Review

  1. i looooove the whole V album…. well done you guys. my favs have to be maps and in your pocket!! ooooh foreva loving adam levine

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