Netflix Spoils Everything (30+ Things)!

[REDACTED] blows up.

Netflix created a vault full of spoilers for curious minds to regrettably watch.

We will not spoil anything! Trust us.

Spoilers are not fun. Whether you watch a show weekly or binge on a Saturday night, having that show spoiled is nothing to mess with. So, why not mess around with Netflix’s new app, Spoil Yourself?

The app is a threat, and you should tread lightly. Some say there’s no such thing as spoilers, that knowing something ahead of time doesn’t ruin the experience. FALSE(ish)! While knowing that a character dies in no way lowers the quality of the show, it does take away from the anticipation and delivery of that scene.

Some viewers don’t mind spoilers and some do whatever they can to avoid them. The impact of one can be as gentle as a pat on the back or as hazardous as 20-foot drop on the pavement. It’s up to the viewer and the amount of time and emotion they invest in the narrative.

While I didn’t fair the storm of spoilers, a list found on The Verge contains all the movies and TV shows with their corresponding seasons that the streaming giant spoils. For those of you who enjoy a pat on the back, here’s a of list of all the hands you will feel.


TV Shows

Battlestar Galactica Season 4 (series finale)

Bojack Horseman Season 1

Breaking Bad Season 4

Breaking Bad Season 5 (two different scenes)

Desperate Housewives Season 8

Grey’s Anatomy Season 7

Hell on Wheels Season 2

House of Cards Season 2 (two different scenes)

Lost Season 6 (series finale)

Orange is the New Black Season 2

Pretty Little Liars Season 4

Revenge Season 3 (two different scenes)

Scandal Season 3

Skins Season 2

Twin Peaks


A Single Man

American Psycho


Forrest Gump



Good Morning, Vietnam

Jane Eyre

Kill Bill Volume 2

My Girl

Old Yeller

Primal Fear

Reservoir Dogs


The Fifth Element

The Graduate

The Hunger Games

The Usual Suspects

World War Z

What do you think of spoilers? Pat on the back or dead drop? Let us know with a spoiler free comment.

Via: The Verge

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