Nerd Issues Weekly #15

YouNerded’s weekly Pull List for the week of 9.24.2014

Get your issues with ‘The Massive,’ ‘Butterfly,’ and ‘America’s Got Powers!’

Welcome back to the best place to find out which issues you should pick up and pull off the shelves each week with Nerd Issues Weekly. It’s been a big week so far for comics both inside and outside of print. We had the debut episode of FOX’s new series Gotham, while a few established series are about to make their way back to the small screen. We’ve got a lot to cover, so without further delay, let’s get pullin’.

The Massive #27

Story by: Brian Wood
Art by: Garry Brown, Jordie Bellaire, J.P. Leon
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Price: $3.50


Up first this week, we’ve got the end of a series coming from one of my favorite writers of all time, Brian Wood. You might know Wood from titles such as Star Wars, Mara, and Northlanders, but his latest acclaimed series is The Massive. It takes place in a post-disaster world where survivors are few and far between, but more closely follows a group of people as they set out to search across the ocean for the lost ship called “The Massive.” As we continue on in this series’ final story arc, we can only hope that we start to see all loose ends being tied up with a very gritty bow and all of our lingering question answered. If you want to get lost in an awesome read, be sure to pick up The Massive.

America’s Got Powers

Story by: Jonathan Ross
Art by: Bryan Hitch
Publisher: Image Comics
Price: $17.99


Next, we’ve got my personal pick of the week, America’s Got Powers. The combined collection includes the seven issues that make up this miniseries, written by Jonathan Ross (Turf and Rocketeer) and illustrated by Bryan Hitch (Action Comics, Amazing Spider-Man, and Avengers). The story takes place in a universe where a crystal made its way to Earth and impregnated all the women in the area, causing them to give birth to babies with supernatural powers. Society ends up turning these children into a spectacle for entertainment, pitting them against each other to play in high stakes games that could result in their demise. Things get a little bit worrisome, though, when it is discovered that one child was born without any power. Now, he has to face off against the other teenagers who do. Overall, this is just an awesome concept and is sure to entertain anyone whether superheroes is your thing or not.

Amazing Spider-Man #1.5

Story by: Dan Slott
Art by: Humberto Ramos
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Price: $3.99


If you ask me, the Learning To Crawl miniseries has been full of ups and downs, having a mix of mediocrity and greatness from issue to issue. However, issue #1.4 was absolutely great, and I don’t think that anyone can argue how excellent the artwork of Humberto Ramos has been since taking the reins of illustrating our beloved wall-crawler. In the final issue of this minor story arc, we can expect to learn a bit more about Uncle Ben’s possible dark past. We’ll also find out what has been keeping Clash going this whole time. Here’s to hoping that Dan and Humberto can send this arc off on a high note!

Aliens: Fire and Stone #1

Story by: Chris Roberson
Art by: Patrick Reynolds, Dave Stewart, David Palumbo
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Price: $3.50


A few weeks ago I included the new Prometheus spin-off series, and this week I couldn’t help myself but to do the same with the new Aliens spin-off, Aliens: Fire and Stone. As terraforming engineer Derrick Russell leads his team through a mining vessel where a vicious outbreak took place, it’s up to him to save his team and himself as they are pitted against the monstrous creatures that have now taken over the vessel. Just as the Prometheus series from a few weeks ago does, Aliens: Fire and Stone will also tie into the film universe. Fans of the very established franchise, as well as fans of science fiction in general, are sure going to dig this.

Butterfly #1

Story by: Arash Amel, Marguerite Bennett
Art by: Antonio Fuso
Publisher: Boom! Studios
Price: $3.99


By now you should know that we always like to give new series a lot of love on our weekly pull list, and this week is no different with the launch of Butterfly. This is a new drama/crime series written by Arash Amel and Marguerite Bennet. Following a character by the same name as the series, Butterfly is forced to be on the run after her status is changed from highly touted cover agent, to a victim of being wrongly accused for a murder she didn’t commit. Things take an even stranger turn for her when she has to seek the help from someone who betrayed her two decades ago and was thought to be dead until now. This new series is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat and fill that empty place in your heart where you need a new drama series.

What did you think of the final issue of ‘Learning to Crawl?’ Are you enjoying the last story arc of ‘The Massive’ so far? Let us know in the comments below.

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