Ink Tank #5: The DC Show

“This is supposed to be funny, why am I crying?”

This week in the Ink Tank, Max and Alex react to the debut of ‘Gotham,’ discuss the impending launch of DC’s ‘Constantine,’ and touch on the new documentary ‘The Death of Superman Lives.’ Also: Kevin Smith.

Welcome back, true believers! So, Gotham is out and is kicking off the season for comic book television. With The Flash and Arrow coming up soon and Constantine following, things are going to start heading into overdrive. Gotham ended up being merely alright in our opinion, but we’re still looking forward to Constantine blasting the doors off the supernatural side of DC Comics. Also, how crazy did Superman Lives look? A documentary was probably needed the second the Nicholas Cage came onboard (Although, it would’ve been cool to see Kevin Smith write a Superman film.) While we’re on the subject of Kevin Smith, what does everyone think of Tusk? And how insane is his plan to do a trilogy of films based in Canada? (Also, we found out after recording that Smith now has funding for Clerks III!) Anyway, that’s it for this week folks, but we’ll be back soon with our magnificent marvel of a podcast!

Trade of the week: Daredevil by Kevin Smith with art by Joe Quesada.

Grab it here:

What did everyone think of ‘Gotham’? Who saw the crazy experiment that is ‘Tusk’? Shine a bat signal on your comments below.

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Max Mielecki is a TV writer at YouNerded and does comedy for the interwebs. He knows Han shot first. For further ramblings follow him on Twitter @Maxmielecki.

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