Sons of Anarchy: “Some Strange Eruption” Review

Sons of Anarchy Season 07 Episode 05

After last week’s shocking events, Jax sets out to deal with Henry Lin once and for all.

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Note: The following review goes into detail about the episode. SPOILER ALERT!

Sometimes a TV show will literally make me shout at the television, and this week’s Sons of Anarchy had me doing just that right at the end. Juice and Gemma’s little showdown was equal parts gripping and infuriating, as both characters made equally poor decisions. Gemma getting caught in a lie and not killing Juice in his sleep wasn’t exactly a smart move, and Juice allowing Gemma to open her mouth after he turned the tables on her was an equally big mistake. It does finally accelerate the whole “secret of Tara’s murder” part of the story, as Juice is a rather large ticking time bomb who knows a lot of secrets.

As expected, the main crux of the episode centered around Jax and the club hitting the Chinese back after last week’s bloodbath at Diosa. Jax has been so focused on enacting his “perfect” plan for vengeance, that I don’t think he actually considered it could possibly fail. He was walking around pretty dazed for the first few scenes of the episode, but then the revenge took over again and he got back to his scheming ways. I mentioned last week how I thought Borowski was the one who let the Chinese know about SAMCRO’s involvement in their recent troubles, and after this episode I’m even more convinced. It was mentioned here that the Indian Hills charter did know about the whereabouts of the guns, so Jury could have been the rat. There was something about the way that Borowski shot the guy SAMCRO was interrogating that just screamed “I’m killing this guy to cover my own ass!”



I was surprised by how quickly Jax managed to lure Lin back out into the open, but as we’re seeing with Jax, Lin’s rage got the better of him. While the street fight between Lin and Jax was a little silly, considering there were a ton of guys with guns standing around in broad daylight, it led to some great moments. Jax is so close to the truth about Tara now, he just doesn’t know it. Lin’s “what the hell” reaction to Jax’s accusations were fantastic, and you have to wonder how long it’s going to take before Jax realizes he’s been wrong all along. Lin will be off to prison now due to the car full of drugs and guns, and I have to think he won’t survive very long in there considering SAMCRO’s deal with the Aryan brotherhood. We can’t be too certain yet whether that deal is still in place after the shooting of those two police officers, but we’ll more than likely find out next week.

Sheriff Jarry continues to be an intriguing presence on the show. Her relationship with Chibs has moved along very fast and the two have great chemistry together, but it’s her relationship with the club that interests me the most. Her talk with Jax about needing to work with the club to actually do her job properly was an eye-opener, although I’m still not convinced that she’s completely on the level here. The speed and ease at which she has gotten so close to the club is rather alarming, and I can’t shake the feeling that she could be a plant. If she is working against the club, well, she’s already been a hell of a lot more successful than the majority of law enforcement officers who have faced off against SAMCRO in the past.




The war seems to have been stalled a little by this week’s actions, but with players like August Marks and Jury yet to make their moves, it could all kick-off again at any moment. By the looks of it, the Chinese problem may be wrapped up in the first half of the season, allowing the show to deal with the bigger threats and the whole Gemma situation. Whatever route they do decide to take, the results are sure to be explosive considering the body count this season has already racked up.

Will Juice actually pull the trigger on Gemma or will she live on to cause even more mayhem? Let us know in the comments below.


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