Ink Tank #7: The Small Screen Takeover

“Captain Cold shops at Eddie Bauer.”

This week in the Ink Tank, we present a special oversized episode as the comic book TV season kicks off. Max and Alex rant about ‘The Flash’ and ‘Arrow.’

The CW

Greetings, True Believers! This episode ended up being so jam packed with discussion that we had to make it OVERSIZED. And unlike those folks at Marvel and DC, we’re giving you the bonus minutes at no extra cost. How about that, folks?

It was a mighty week for comics in media, as The Flash premiered to record numbers, DC villains Pied Piper, Captain Cold, and Firestorm found their actors, and leaked photos revealed Zoom (aka Reverse Flash), a certain co-host’s favorite villain. Plus, Arrow stormed back onto our screens this week with an amazing season premiere. While Marvel might have a stranglehold on the movie market, DC is showing it still rules the small screen.

Also in this episode, Max and Alex quarrel over which show was worse: Ultimate Spider-Man, or the live-action Justice League series. Don’t miss it folks, it’s the podcast of the century, and it’s only here on Ink Tank!

Trade of the Week
: The Flash: Blitz by Geoff Johns with art by Scott Kolins.
Grab it here:

That’s it for this week, True Believers, but now that we have three comic shows running, prepare for a bevy of excellent exhilarating comic discussion each week. Until next time, Excelsior!

What did everyone think of the premiere of ‘Arrow?’ Is it great to see a connected DC Universe on TV? Leave your hacked Queen Consolidated data in the section below.

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Max Mielecki is a TV writer at YouNerded and does comedy for the interwebs. He knows Han shot first. For further ramblings follow him on Twitter @Maxmielecki.

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