American Horror Story: Freak Show: “Massacres and Matinees” Review

American Horror Story Season 04 Episode 02

Strong Man comes in and strong arms the competition.



Note: The following review goes into detail about the episode. SPOILER ALERT!

The first suspect stop in the hunt for the missing cop is the Freak Show gang, while the ambivalent clown beheads two more victims.

When you dispose of a body, a detective’s body, is it wise to keep memorabilia? Is it wise to keep his badge? No. Jimmy and gang were not informed of this important information seeing as how before last week, they’ve never murdered a man in cold blood. Determined to be seen as equal, he also takes his friends on a field trip to a local diner where the southern hospitality is limited.

Patti Labelle makes her guest appearance this week as Gloria and Dandy Mott’s maid. This weird mother and son duo are destined to cause havoc. Dandy wants to be a thespian but is stuck within the confines of being a freak show viewer. Gloria still treats him like a toddler as she picks up the hitchhiking nameless clown to provide her complaining offspring companionship. Dandy is a grown ass man providing puppet shows for a killer clown who won’t “amuse” him. Mommy issues don’t even begin to examine his dysfunctionality.

Strong Man and Desiree Dupree (Angela Bassett) enters Freak Show as a husband and wife act looking for work after a Chicago mishap. Strong Man, an old friend of Ethel’s… IS JIMMY’S FATHER!!! Definitely a secret waiting to be burst wide open seeing how Jimmy doesn’t know. Desiree, a fulfilled hermaphrodite, adds personality and spunk to the show and deserves way more screen time.



Bette and Dot have become the show’s headliners, unfortunately. Jimmy, of course, has to pull the talent out of Dot’s hardened shell before the Siamese twins make their debut, covering Fiona Apple’s “Criminal.” All this before Elsa realizes that she’s jealous and puts a plan in motion to turn Bette against her.

Strong Man takes over and announces the 3:00 PM Matinee to Elsa’s dismay — tension’s arise, “no lady is the boss of me.” He then comes face to face with his estranged son, almost beating him senseless and calling Jimmy the one thing he hates. Although unaware of their gene relation, Jimmy becomes well aware of the destruction that Strong Man will cause and tells Elsa. They frame Strong Man and Desiree Dupree for the murder of the cop in order to save their show… but it backfires as Geek is arrested and killed instead.

Back at the abandoned trailer, Boy and Girl attempt an escape as Clown comes back with Dandy unbeknownst in tow. He brings them a gift, the beheaded human, and we get a horrific glimpse at the man behind the mask as they make a run for it. Who do they run into? DANDY. Who takes them right back into the dark hole. This is how Dandy and Clown become partners in crime, literally.


Last week’s “Monsters Among Us” this week’s “Massacres and Matinees” seem like two separate entities. As the speed picks up, fans start to choose sides. Strong Man takes on the role of the villain, while Jimmy continues to display a sense of complexity. But who knows, Clown and Dandy may become this season’s most sought after couple.

Who’s your favorite character so far? Would you want a killer clown as a toy? Freak us out in the comments below.


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