Ink Tank #8: Teaser Seen ‘Round the World

“There are no strings on us.”

Alex returns as our heroes react to the ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ teaser and catch up on the things going on in ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash.’


Note: The following podcast contains discussion of Arrow and The Flash. SPOILER ALERT!

Hey again, True Believers! Alex is back, and boy was there a lot to cover. (We just had to make this episode oversized as well.) We’re also going to be trying something a little different with these write-ups in an attempt to give you that sense of comic book spirit and get you listening to our antics faster. To that end, we’ll be presenting today’s topics in the age old format of the comic book solicit. Solicits are short, bulleted blurbs used to sell comics to retailers. Here’s what will be going on in this astonishing installment:

– Max and Alex react the amazing Avengers teaser. You’ve heard our heroes praise the character of Ultron before, but never like this!

– Alex is back, and with him comes analysis of The Flash and Arrow! With [Redacted] deceased and the return of [Redacted] on Arrow, there’s a lot of cover.

– Not to mention The Flash is still going strong, as is Alex’s fandom for it. See another one of Max and Alex’s great Flash/Spider-Man debates! Who will possibly win?

– Max, obviously.

Also this week, check out our review of Constantine in our Constantine focused One Shot this Thursday!

Trade of the Week: The Flash Vol. 1: Move Forward by Brian Buccellato and Francis Manapul with art by Francis Manapul, and Green Arrow Vol. 4: The Kill Machine by Jeff Lemire with art by Andrea Sorrentino (yep, double-dip this week).

What did everyone think of the reveal of Marvel’s live action Ultron? Is it awesome to see the debut of golden age DC characters on TV? Leave your dormant peacekeeping comments in the column below.

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