Sons of Anarchy: “Greensleeves” Review

Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 7

Jax looks to spin the situation with Juice to his advantage, while Gemma begins to feel the walls closing in around her.



Note: The following review goes into detail about the episode. SPOILER ALERT!

I must admit, I really didn’t see a way for Juice to make it out of this episode alive. Trust Jax to come up with a new scheme to deploy Juice as his own personal angel of death. At first I thought Juice was going the “suicide by cop” route when he shot at those police officer’s bikes. Soon enough, it became clear that Juice was purposefully getting himself sent to prison, all so he could be the one to take down Henry Lin for the club. It was a little disorientating to skip the immediate aftermath of last week’s cliffhanger. This took a lot of the tension out of it, as we didn’t get to see Juice squirming under the pressure of the secrets he knows. As far as plans now, getting Juice to kill Lin seems a little overly complicated, but if he succeeds, he may find himself killed off quite quickly too.

Jax switched his focus almost solely to August Marks this week, although as I have previously said, Marks won’t be an easy target. Going back to the mother and son from earlier in the season was a smart play for Jax, but Marks ended up turning the tables in spectacular fashion. I really did think Bobby was a goner here. The ambush on him wasn’t really telegraphed at all, and I thought that van was going to be empty and Bobby was going to get riddled with bullets. We got a more gruesome outcome in the end as SAMCRO received a video of Bobby getting tortured and packaged in a box (containing his eyeballs). The Sons of Anarchy is a gang of vicious murderers, but Bobby has always stood out as one of the more noble members. I have a feeling he will make it back to the club alive, but I have no idea what condition he’ll be left in.



I’m also beginning to seriously fear for Nero’s life. Once a character begins talking about retiring, running away, or giving up a life of crime, they immediately become heavy favorites to bite the dust. We’ve seen it on this show already with characters such as Clay and Tara, and I highly doubt Nero will ever get to retire to that farm of his. His biggest problem is his proximity to Gemma, along with his willingness to do anything for her. He was ready to run into a cabin full of guys with guns this week, so God only knows what he’d do if she was in real danger. I expect things would definitely change if he found out the truth, and that may happen soon enough as poor little Abel overheard Gemma talking about killing Tara. There has been a decent amount of focus on Abel this season and the toll SAMCRO’s activities have taken on his life. He now knows the single biggest secret on the show, and I have absolutely no idea how this is going to play out. He could say it to somebody like Wendy or Unser, or perhaps SAMCRO’s greatest act of corruption will be Abel killing Gemma.


“Greensleeves” managed to keep everything moving along at a steady pace, and offered up a couple of solid surprises in the form of Abel’s discovery and Bobby’s abduction. Jax has spent the whole season poking the proverbial bear, and now that bear has struck back. It was alarming to see the ease with which Bobby was nabbed, and Jax’s hubris really seems to have gotten the better of him. I’m really looking forward to seeing how he plans to turn this around.

Will Bobby make it out alive, or will the club be receiving a lot more of those packages from Marks? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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