Sons of Anarchy: “The Separation of Crows” Review

Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 8

Amidst the search for Bobby, Jax and the club try to hunt down the person who betrayed them to Lin.



Note: The following review goes into detail about the episode. SPOILER ALERT!

How refreshing was it to hear Jax admit that he had made a huge mistake with Marks? All of us could see that Marks was operating on a different level than SAMCRO’s other rivals, and Jax completely underestimated him. This lead to Bobby’s capture and torture and started off this week with Jax questioning his leadership of the club. It took a big pep-talk from Chibs to get Jax back on track, but unfortunately, he soon slipped back into making poor decisions.

We finally got confirmation that it was in fact Jury’s son that the club killed earlier in the season. SAMCRO came across this information while searching for the person who had ratted them out to Lin. Once this info came to light, Jax immediately assumed that Jury was the rat and set up a meeting to confirm his suspicions. The subsequent conversation ended with another dark turn for Jax, and it could have potentially been the final nail in his coffin later down the road. The Jury and Jax scene was great though, with all pretences dropped early on in the conversation and both men getting straight to the important stuff. Jury’s points were all valid, and he is absolutely correct that Jax has strayed completely off the path that his father wanted him to walk. We’ve had quite a few mentions of John Teller recently, and Jury bringing up his death and suggesting it was a suicide, was the most powerful one.

The episode beginning with Jax sitting on a rooftop was reminiscent of the early days of the show, and Jax gunning down Jury made those scenes seem so long ago. Jury had never been a major part of the show, but as a trusted confidante of John, he was heavily linked to the history of the show. Jax again showed his Clay-like tendencies by telling everybody that Jury admitted to being the rat before he killed him. I have a feeling that this may have been the move that sinks him. The death of a President is a major event on its own, but the President of the mother charter killing another President without a “mayhem vote” could potentially destroy the entire club. I’ve believed since day one that Borowsky was the rat, so I have no doubt that it’ll come out that Jury was innocent and Jax had other reasons for killing him. This could lead to a “mayhem vote” or even all of the other charters disavowing SAMCRO. For the first time in a while, I can see an ending that doesn’t involve mass death/incarcerations.



The search for Bobby bore no fruit at all this week, but at least we got to see Bobby being a badass before losing a few fingers. Moses Cartwright proved to be a very formidable enemy for SAMCRO, and he was working extremely well as Mark’s proxy. The scene where he discussed being a soldier with Bobby was quite brilliant, and I’m hoping we get a few more chats like this next week. Jax took another misstep this week by trying to negotiate with Moses, with the response being another box full of Bobby’s fingers. It was nice to see Jax initially refusing to hand the mother and son over to Marks, but I fear that he’ll have no choice but to do it next week.

Abel continued to be incredibly creepy this week, although I will cut the kid some slack considering he now knows the single biggest secret in the Sons of Anarchy universe. The Gemma and Abel scenes weren’t fantastic, but there was one thing relating to them that caught my attention. Gemma returned to her house to find that her birds had been killed and an ominous “No son is safe” message was written on the wall of the boy’s room. Suspicion immediately pointed to Marks’ crew, but I have a different culprit in mind. Nero has been desperate to get Gemma and the kids away from this life, so much so that I don’t think he’d be above killing a couple of birds and writing a threatening message in order to scare them into moving away with him. His line about them “having” to go after this was quite telling to me. With Marks’ crew sending boxes full of body-parts to the club every day, a message like this seems a little low key.

I was glad to see Unser back in prime detective mode again. He has proven to be an asset to Jarry in her investigation of Tara’s murder, but I’m also fairly certain that he’s pieced together what happened to Tara. He may not know all the details, but he knew that Juice knows what happened. He also knew something weird was going on between Juice and Gemma. It wasn’t too much of a struggle to connect the dots there, and I have a feeling he’ll be bringing it up sometime very soon. Speaking of Juice, he didn’t have a lot of screen time this week but he continued with the clubs plans to get at Lin. He talked to Jarry about Tara’s murder and gave her enough information to be moved to the same area of the prison as Lin. It should definitely be interesting to see a Juice and Lin’s confrontation, especially since Juice is one of the only people who knows that Lin definitely isn’t behind Tara’s murder.


“The Separation of Crows” could end up being the turning point of the entire final season. Jax started out regretful of the choices he had made but then proceeded to make a few more terrible ones. All of this time we have thought that one of SAMCRO’s many enemies might destroy the club, but now it’s looking like the biggest threat lies within the club itself.

Will Jax’s misdeeds end up splitting up the club? And was Nero behind the message at the house? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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