Ink Tank #9: And now… Phase 3!

Returning to the Multiverse

Our heroes return to discuss Marvel’s Phase 3 slate, as well as developments on the DC side of things.


Welcome back, True Believers! We had to take a week off to cover Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo (which was just as awesome as it sounds), but now we’re back and ready to do what we love: talkin’ some comics! And what a pile of things we have, so many in fact that our triumphant return is oversized!

Contained in this energetic episode:

  • Discussion of Marvel’s Phase 3 films! Which are our heroes most pumped for?
  • It’s Avengers: Infinity War.
  • But also Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel. We’ll get back to you.
  • Our thoughts on the latest episodes of The Flash and Arrow!
  • Is DC forming a Multiverse that will see their film and TV arms interact?
  • Plus, Max and Alex rant about Transformers! Again!

Note: The following podcast contains discussion of Arrow and The Flash. SPOILER ALERT!

Trade of the Week: The Infinity Gauntlet by Jim Starlin with art by George Perez and Ron Lim. Read the book before seeing the movie!

What did everyone think of the Phase 3 reveals? Would you love to see DC’s various projects come together? Leave your infinity gems in the section below.

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Max Mielecki is a TV writer at YouNerded and does comedy for the interwebs. He knows Han shot first. For further ramblings follow him on Twitter @Maxmielecki.

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