Big K.R.I.T.: “Cadillactica” Review

“The south got something to say, that’s all I got to say.” – Andre 3000


Earlier in the year, Big K.R.I.T. (King Remembered In Time) caused a ruckus when he released “Mt. Olympus,” an unofficial reply to Kendrick Lamar’s infamous “Control” verse. The verse had a lot of listeners jumping on this Mississippi man’s bandwagon without taking the time to appreciate his healthy catalog of timelessness — a sentiment that he is well aware of. He’s back with Cadillactica, continuing to breathe hope into the lost generation that has fallen victim to trap beats and weak lyricism.

“Kreation” is Cadillactica’s opening track, setting its authentic tone in a prose of wisdom. To surround your album around a car and be able to find an angle that makes it universal is what K.R.I.T. does. There are so many gems that are stored within this project, and he does it all by staying completely true to who he is. The southern influences of hard knocks and bass plays runner-up to the flowy segments that are given either through a slower style, like when the beat halts on “My Sub, Pt. 3 (Big Bang),” or bars that are heard in one impressive breath.

Side Note: “Mo Better Cool” featuring Bun B and Devin the Dude IS SO MF EPIC!!!!!!!! (This is perfect Cadillac music.)

Sometimes you cannot help but to relate to an artist simply by how genuine their words are. He’s sonically theatrical and quite inspiring. The album’s diverse balance of deep, hard-hitting subjects and basic everyday living is all there. Yes, “Pay Attention” is the song that is probably going to open up more doors for his career, but “Third Eye” is a flawlessly told story. “Saturdays = Celebration” is insightful and “Soul Food” is the absolute essence of what kind of artist K.R.I.T. is, and what kind of message he represents. Cadillactica is auditory poetry.

Standout Tracks: Cadillactica & Lost Generation


Generally, the underrated rapper is both the most disrespected and cherished factor of the rap world. We want them to get the credit they deserve, yet we want to keep them to ourselves… and then there are those who just won’t acknowledge change. Big K.R.I.T. is, and continues to be, a voice that we all should be listening to; this country boy has plenty to say. When are we going to stop calling real life (real hip-hop) boring and finally realize that it’s not them, it’s us?

Are you going to go download Big K.R.I.T.’s old mixtapes? You should, they’re free! How do you feel about the southern sound coming from a southern artist versus a mainstreamer trying to duplicate it? Comments people.


*This review of Cadillactica is based on the 17-track Deluxe Edition

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