American Horror Story: Freak Show: “Bullseye” Review

American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 6

Can we cut out all the tension and bring on the terror?



Note: The following review goes into detail about the episode. SPOILER ALERT!

Apparently, Elsa can no longer disguise her hater tendencies, as she delivered the Tattler twins to Dandy’s sacrificial front door last week. This week she lies to her employees about their “disappearance” while simultaneously losing their trust.

You know that saying, “when you go looking for something, you’ll find it”? Well, Dandy learned the hard way as he forced himself into Dot’s (who’s in love with Jimmy) diary and finds out that she’s using him in hopes of earning enough money to free herself from Bette (who’s in love with Dandy). This dynamic is a conflict of interest for everyone involved… BUT SECRETS HAVE BEEN SPILLED. Whether they are lies or whole truths, there is no going back.

Dandy, on the other hand, has channeled his purest form of Patrick Bateman (American Psycho) shenanigans. It’s brilliant and annoying and hilarious and over the top how misunderstood he loves to portray himself as, but since Twisty’s sudden demise, he has been the greatest, most frightening sight to see. He’s a maniac!



Paul knows too much and sees too much, and knowledge is what leads to his downfall as he takes the wheel… literally. Elsa, who is quickly painting herself to be the root of all evil, is some extreme knife thrower and brings out her beloved bullseye — a giant red and white striped bullseye. But first she stages a tantrum, where in return, Paul wounds up tied to it with a knife in his kidney.

Jealousy is a trait that cannot be shaken in this episode. Satisfaction is a goal that just cannot seem to be met with these people.


Freak Show has turned into freaking American Horror Musical… Elsa needs to chill with the solos. Nothing horrifying happened, just lots and lots of drama and Maggie’s ambivalence to murdering her new fake boyfriend Jimmy. That is all.

Will Ethel have to be the one who takes Elsa down? Is Maggie ever going to follow through with the plan? Will Paul survive? Compensate for the lack of scares in the comments below.


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