Sons of Anarchy: “Faith and Despondency” Review

Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 10

With the club still reeling from a devastating loss, Jax sets the next stage of his plan in motion.



Note: The following review goes into detail about the episode. SPOILER ALERT!

It may have taken a slightly frustrating amount of time, but Jax has finally been told the truth about what happened to Tara. There were many candidates for discovering that Gemma had killed Tara going into this final season, but Abel would have been very low on that list. There has been a decent amount of focus on Abel this year, and that hasn’t always led to satisfying result. That changed here, however, with all of the drama surrounding Jax’s oldest son proving to be top notch.

The question now is how exactly Jax will process this startling information. The look on his face at the end of the episode said it all. Everything we have seen this season has been set in motion by Gemma’s actions and lies, and it’s going to take Jax some time to wrap his head around all of it. Abel is only a child, and considering he lied earlier in the episode, he isn’t the most reliable source. I’m not expecting Jax to go rushing out and murder Gemma at the start of the next episode, but he might just start to see the bigger picture now. Perhaps he may even have a chat with Unser and piece the whole thing together. This is the moment SOA fans have been waiting for this season, and we’re really close to seeing the Jax vs. Gemma confrontation the entire series has been building up to.

After last week’s shocking turn of events with Bobby, retribution was on everyone’s mind. The formidable Moses was back in action, searching for the witnesses that held the key to Marks’ freedom. After what Moses did to Bobby, it was alarming to see him snatch up Ratboy and T.O. so quickly. Even more alarming was seeing how quickly T.O. broke under the pressure of the interrogation. Fortunately it turned that it was all a ruse, and Moses and his men were being led into a trap. I appreciate the fact that the writers decided to wrap up the Moses situation quickly here, and he was certainly dispatched in a brutal fashion. With all of his goons gunned down by SAMCRO and the A.B., Moses had to endure the exact same fate as Bobby. The eyeball hanging out of its socket was an especially gruesome touch. I’m not sure if Marks will have any further part to play in the series at this stage now that his hit-squad has been defeated, but this would prove to be a fitting end to his side of things.



A couple of other scenes stood out among the mayhem and revelations. Tig’s relationship with Venus has largely been played for laughs so far on the show, but their time together was especially touching. Tig can be an absolutely vile human being, but the care and love he shows for Venus shows him in a completely different light. They are two tortured souls who share a deep connection, which is something I never thought was possible for Tig. Jax sitting Abel down to let him know Wendy was his real mother was another stand-out. Wendy has such a deep history with Jax, and it’s great to see her getting this moment of validation. Wendy hasn’t always been a sympathetic character. She was first introduced to us in the midst of shooting heroin while being heavily pregnant. She has grown as a character over the years though and now seems to be one of only a handful of actual good natured characters on the show. I still don’t foresee a happy ending for many characters, but part of me hopes she runs off down to that farm with Nero.


The moment we have all been waiting for has been delivered by a completely unexpected character. Abel has opened Jax’s eyes to the terrible secret Gemma has been hiding, and it now looks like retribution may finally be coming for Gemma Teller. There’s only three episodes left now, and I have no idea what direction the show is going to take now. Gemma wouldn’t survive long on her own against the full force of the club, so I think Jax is going to bide his time a little before taking action. The other Sons of Anarchy charters should also not be forgotten about either, with SAMCRO’s future in serious doubt after Jury’s death. It’s taken a while to get here, but Sons of Anarchy has finally got all of its pieces in place. It’s now time for the final act.

Will Jax act immediately on Abel’s revelation, or will he bide his time and verify the information? Let us know what you think about this, and the episode as a whole in the comments below.


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