New Girl: “Goldmine” Review

New Girl Season 4 Episode 7

Nick pretends to be gay and Schmidt goes into mourning in a very solid episode.



Note: The following review goes into detail about the episode. SPOILER ALERT!

New Girl was in fine form this week, building upon last week’s excellent return to form with a hilarious episode. “Goldmine” continued to utilize the cast’s various idiosyncrasies and make an audacious plot feel fresh by grounding it in character and backing it up with some greeting.

With Jess and Nick broken up for awhile now, they’ve been facing a recurring problem. Whenever they bring someone home, the realization that they live with their ex always sends any potential lovers (or as Nick calls them, “Uh-ohs”) heading for the hills. When Jess finds herself with Ian, a guy she doesn’t want to lose, Nick pretends he’s gay in an effort to keep  Ian around. Meanwhile, Cece begins contemplating a staple of low-brow sitcom humor that involves breast reduction surgery, much to Schmidt’s horror. But while this subplot feels ripped straight from a crasser offering like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (or the playbook of one Barney Stinson), New Girl manages to wring a lot of great humor of it. It uses what’s already been revealed about Schmidt to make his “5 Stages of Grief” over Cece’s boobs a hilariously personal journey, while revealing just how much he is still in love with her.



But the true home run of “Goldmine” was the way these two storylines interacted. Schmidt walking into both stories at random points to give his well-timed two cents births the episode’s most hilarious scene: Schmidt’s misunderstood moping makes Ian believe he’s actually the gay one. Not that “Gay Nick” wasn’t without his charms, as Nick pretended to be homosexual in a very “Nick” way by refusing to be boxed into the usual stereotypes found on sitcoms and continuing his dirty, brash lifestyle. Of course, the resolution outs him as straight when one of his “Uh-ohs” appears in a brilliant twist. However, it’s here that episode takes an intriguing turn; Ian decides to leave, not because it’s weird that Nick and Jess are exes, but because of the absurd lengths they went to hide it. Much like “Micro”, it was nice to see the characters have to self-examine themselves. While their nature as characters in a sitcom means they won’t be able to grow out of being cartoons, it is nice every now and then to get a reminder of just how crazy sitcoms can be.


This was a great episode of New Girl across the board. The way that Nick and Schmidt’s personalities reacted to their various dilemmas were both spot on and hilarious. Max Greenfield and Jake Johnson continue to be some of the best actors in the business, and the rest are no slouch either. One of New Girl’s strengths is making tired, even absurd stories seem fresh and believable, and “Goldmine” was a prime example of that.

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89/100 – ‘Great’

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