One Direction: ‘Four’ Review

One Direction takes a new direction.


Massively popular fivesome One Direction has been working their social media magic, building up the anticipation for their album, Four. The boys’ fourth album takes a fresh musical direction—it’s best we all listen and aid them in their attempt to escape the “foreign boy band” phenomenon.

Steal My Girl- There’s this flawless ad lib note that is hit at around 3:07. You’re welcome.

Ready To Run- “There’s a devil in your smile that’s chasing me. And every time I turn around it’s only gaining speed.”

Where Do Broken Hearts Go- Definitely the song to sing at the top of your heavy lungs in the shower… or car… or live.

18- Ed Sheeran wrote it, and it’s apparent and exciting. And that’s really all you need to have a great song.

Girl Almighty- This is one of many super fun tracks.

Fool’s Gold- A sweet, sweet realization that these guys consistently deliver vocally

Night Changes- Keeps the millions of teenage girls in awe

No Control- Is kind of sexy

Fireproof- The style their fans adore them for

Spaces- Inevitable breakup song

Stockholm Syndrome- One of the best songs on the album, and the background harmonies are on point!

Clouds- The mixing and mastering on this track is so clear that you can feel it.

Change Your Ticket- You know those songs that are really annoying but really catchy? Yea, it’s one of those.

Illusion- Eh, it’s okay.

Once In A Lifetime- Close your eyes and fall in love with this modernized ballad.

Act My Age- I’m not quite sure what angle was desired for this. Maybe it’s the last song for a reason.


One Direction, to the naked eye, may seem to be nothing more than a phase for young, crying girls, but no. These boys are actually pretty decent, pretty good indeed. They all contribute something different and collectively to their sound, and they are so well blended that it’s hard to know who’s who, which is rare. Let’s just call them a guilty pleasure.

Will you give “Four” a listen, or is that how many seconds you can take before going insane. Confess your love anonymously below.

76/100 – ‘Good’

*This review of Four is based on the 16-Track Deluxe Edition.

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