Supernatural: “Ask Jeeves” Review

Supernatural Season 10 Episode 6

“Supernatural” tackles the murder-mystery genre this week in an incredibly fun “Clue” inspired episode.

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Note: The following review goes into detail about the episode. SPOILER ALERT!

After last week’s emotionally charged 200th episode, Supernatural returned to more familiar footing with a simple case of “whodunit?”. While the events of last week’s episode were almost entirely glossed over, there was still plenty to enjoy about “Ask Jeeves”. The tone right off the bat was pretty fun, and as the episode wore on it became abundantly clear that this was another one of Supernatural‘s homage episodes.

I have to admit that I was going to count Dean picking up random household items throughout the episode as a negative. It just seemed so out of place with the rest of the episode. Finally after he picked up the third item, it clicked in my head: these are all weapons from “Clue”! What appeared to be a murder mystery episode was in fact an homage to the incredibly popular board game, and as soon as that clicked in my head the episode gained a few points. The large mansion, zany group of suspects and array of potential murder weapons were all on display as Sam and Dean searched for the killer among them. The biggest difference between this and “Clue”,though, was the fact that the killer was a shapeshifter.

Other than all of the “Clue” references, this episode had a lot of very funny moments. These mainly came from the cast of characters who had assembled inside the mansion. Their portrayals were incredibly over the top, but that was perfectly fitting for the tone the episode was going for. The women’s sexual advances towards the Winchesters were the highlight of the episode, with poor Sam getting the brunt of it. Him having to go along with it to test out whether either of them was the shapeshifter was a wonderfully awkward moment.

The CW

The CW

Shapeshifters have been used many times on Supernatural in the past, with the results sometimes being a little mixed. Eventually it normally comes down to using silver or a camera to establish who the culprit is. “Ask Jeeves” did a pretty good job keeping us guessing though, with first a vengeful spirit red herring thrown in followed by some fake silver cutlery fooling the brothers. It still wasn’t a massive surprise to find out that the maid was the shifter, but I did like how they tied Bobby into her past. It makes sense that Bobby would have spared her in the past, with the proviso that she remained locked up for the remainder of her life. This fate, along with the fact that her extended family was horrible, gave her the perfect motive to go on her killing spree.

Hands down the best moment of the episode came during the final confrontation with the shifter. After the mention of silver bullets sitting in the Impala, it was obvious Sam was buying some time while Dean went out to get them. The single gunshot out of nowhere from Dean to kill the shifter was completely expected, but the several shots that followed afterwards weren’t. Dean unnecessarily unloaded most of a clip into the downed shifter, immediately worrying both Sam and the viewers at home. When Sam brought it up with him afterwards, Dean simply shrugged it off and turned up the radio. With all Dean has gone through with the Mark of Cain, you can’t help but wonder if it is starting to re-establish its hold on him. Dean may have been cured of his demon ailment, but the Mark is a whole other kettle of fish. I’m interested to see if we’ll get more on this next week.


Supernatural continued on from the high of its 200th episode with a pretty fun “Clue” inspired episode. With the exception of one stand-out moment, there wasn’t too much to tie this episode to the season’s overall arc. The cast of supporting characters were a whole lot of fun though, and any mention of Bobby these days is very welcome. We haven’t seen any other series regulars for a couple of episodes now, so I’d expect that to change next week, and we’ll have to be sure to keep an eye on Dean’s behavior.

What’s up with Dean? Is he still secretly a demon, or is the Mark of Cain beginning to re-establish its hold on him? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

80/100 – ‘Great’

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