Flash Piece: Beyonce’s 7/11 Video

Beyonce’s new video is welcomed with millions of views.



Beyonce looks as happy as ever in her new video for “7/11,” a track off of the re-released version of game changing album Beyonce.

Seeing how at one point in time no one knew anything about Queen B, this new found freeness and relatability that she has been recently displaying has gained her an entirely new and huge fanbase. Sometimes it seems as if she’s a brand new artist. Her self-assurance is off the charts, and it’s perfect for this type of nonsense record that only Beyonce could be afforded without penalty.

One day later, after 16 million views… I know you care. And maybe that’s why she’s letting us in.

This video is the first time that the audience can actually feel like it would be fun to hang out with Beyonce. Her personality is shining brightly. She’s clowning around, working on her Michael Jackson moves and even using her foot as a telephone. And through it all, at some point, we can feel like we aren’t that different… except we’re probably not worth half a billion dollars, but that’s besides the point.

To see her craft less tense is a wonder within itself. “7/11” looks like a home video, warm and real. As she puts her crown on, no one can deny that yes, she is fresher than you, and it’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.

Is that Jay-Z running around in the background? How awesome is this video though, seriously? Don’t you feel like dancing now? Smack it, smack it, in the comments.

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Kendra Allen is a music writer at So of course I like books and music and thangs. I also like cereal. You can find me @happyisfeet on Twitter and Tumblr.

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