Rick Ross: ‘Hood Billionaire’ Review

Rick Ross is still looking in the mirror.


If you’re real, there isn’t a need to keep saying it, and that’s all Ross is saying less than a year after a more than good album, Mastermind. He’s even got a spokesperson to confirm his validity. We care.

The album takes momentum about halfway through with the drop on  “Phone Tap,” and that’s only because every track before it sounds like the same song on repeat. Ross really believes he’s a drug dealer. So by the time you get to the sixth track, it’s like the routine procedure is finally over and the album finally begins.

Ross should really consider switching his flow up. He glues himself so close to the beat that it’s boring, predictable and frankly too easy to forget that you’re even listening to it. That’s really all he has to do in order to lift a lot of the dead weight that is beginning to sink some solidary production.

If you’ve kept up with Ross’ career, you’re aware that this man can’t make an album without the assistance of Shawn Carter. So when “Movin Bass” comes around, it’s kind of sad that Hov is only on the hook, because we all know that a verse from him would have taken it to the next level. But what does make for top to bottom good rap, credited to whomever he decides to work with, is his collaboration with Snoop Dogg on “Quintessential” (one of, if not the, best song on the album), “Family Ties” and  Project Pat’s verse on “Elvis Presley Blvd.”

Rick Ross’ distinctive tone has been his biggest strength on this project. Gravitating him towards what he knows works for his audience. We know you have a Maybach and money, but…. what else? Just imagine how much power he would have if he channeled his tone into something more than his impersonation of gangsta rap.

Standout Tracks: “Trap Luv” & “Brimstone”


Ross probably can’t top his predecessor, which is why Hood Billionaire is one big relapse, and that’s fine. He’s a niche artist, and that too, is also ok. Whatever floats your boat.

What about Rick Ross do you think has made him such a big success? Is it wise to be this established and remain stagnant? What’s your favorite Ross album? Shout out in the comments below.

68/100 – ‘Decent’

*This review of Hood Billionaire is based on the 16-Track Deluxe Edition.

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