Supernatural: “Hibbing 911” Review

Supernatural Season 10 Episode 8

A couple of grisly murders in a small town draw Sam and Dean to a reunion with a couple of familiar faces.

The CW


Note: The following review goes into detail about the episode. SPOILER ALERT!

I was a little bit disappointed with Supernatural this week. There were a few funny moments and Sheriff Jody Mills returned, but “Hibbing 911” won’t live very long in the memory at all. I think the whole problem I had with the episode was it had a certain feeling of “been there, done that.” After 10 seasons of monster mayhem, it is hard to keep things feeling fresh, but Supernatural normally finds a way. The stakes have been raised pretty high over each season’s main arc, and this week just felt like pure filler before next week’s midseason finale.

“Hibbing 911” centered on a retreat for police officers, giving Jody the perfect excuse to return to the show. Jody teamed up with another returning character in the form of Sheriff Donna Hanscum, from coincidentally season nine’s filler episode “The Purge.” Jody and Donna actually turned out to be a pretty fun team to watch together, with Jody’s stern nature meshing well with Donna’s “Fargo-esque” attitude and mannerisms. It was good to get some follow up from Jody’s last appearance on the show too, with her new ward Alex now acting like your regular, partying teenager.

On the topic of Jody’s last appearance, “Hibbing 911” also featured vampires as the “monster of the week.” Vampires have made appearances in quite a few episodes over the years on Supernatural, and at this stage they have lost most of their bite (terrible pun absolutely intended). I haven’t felt like Supernatural’s vamps have been intimidating at all in the last several seasons, except for whenever the alpha vamp has shown up. Their very first appearance on the show made them out to be extremely formidable foes, but these days they provide little trouble for Sam and Dean. There was nothing special about the vampires featured in “Hibbing 911.” They liked to kill people and steal the occasional belt, and that was it. Having the local sheriff turn out to be a vampire who gave up killing was the only real twist, but that didn’t even land very well because we’ve seen it before.

The CW

The CW

The vamps were dispatched quite easily in the end, with the highlight being Donna chopping one of their heads off. Sam and Dean didn’t really have a whole lot to do out of the ordinary either, except for a couple of humorous moments. Jody and Donna’s back and forth was easily the highlight of the episode, and I actually wouldn’t mind seeing more of them together in the future. We did get one conversation relating to the overall plot, with Dean confessing to Sam that the Mark had been bothering him recently but he now felt fine after taking on the vamps. It was great to see Sam and Dean actually having a conversation about their issues for once, but the way Dean touched his arm near the end of the episode suggests he wasn’t being entirely honest with his brother for the millionth time.


The lack of Castiel and Crowley was also a little bit of a let-down. They don’t have to be in every episode but I would have liked some follow-up on their respective situations they were in at the end of the last episode. Unfortunately that was not to be, and “Hibbing 911” was a rather forgettable Supernatural episode. I’ve quite enjoyed the season so far, so having a big filler episode right before the midseason finale is a bit of a let-down. As I said though, this episode was rather forgettable, so hopefully the midseason finale will be good enough to banish this one from our minds.

Was Dean definitely lying about the Mark of Cain? And if you think he was, then what kind of impact will the Mark of Cain have on next week’s midseason finale?

65/100 – ‘Decent’

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