Flash Piece: Kyle Reynolds: FREE AGENT

Love and lyrics are newcomer Kyle Reynolds’s main operations.


Kyle Reynolds’s Simple Things EP charted #59 on the iTunes Pop Charts, which is extremely impressive for a relatively unknown, unsigned and unmanaged artist. All of this to say that this 22-year-old, Orange County native has an immense work ethic.

The six distinctive tracks of Simple Things are a display of his self-taught musicianship (piano, guitar and harmonica) and intricate detail of inflection. He’s a California boy with breezy and easy melodies that are essential to summer love and lullaby. “Simple Things” is at the heart of this biographical project, and single “That’s 21” personifies this young crooner.

The notion that this free agent is moving units and climbing up the charts has kept hope that the music business isn’t dead and that if we can join together and support it, there is no way that it will be.

Kyle is currently on tour with Taylor Matthews. You can download Simple Things on iTunes NOW. Also, be sure to follow Kyle Reynolds on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

What do you think are the steps Kyle should take to further his career? What’s your favorite song on the EP? Hit up those comments below.

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