Music’s biggest night is statistically inaccurate.


Ok, let’s get this straight. Once upon a better time, winning and even getting nominated for a Grammy meant something: a lot. It meant that your contribution to yosur craft left a lasting, inspirational impression. A Grammy is known as the music industry’s most prestigious and sought after award, and most importantly, it is not granted to just any artist. At least that’s how it used to be. You had to have an impeccable and timeless body of work, and I don’t know whether it’s not enough quality in the litter of worthy contenders, or if the Grammys have just voluntarily transformed itself into a popularity contest.

This means yes, this year’s Grammys will probably allow Iggy Azalea to ruin its reputation once again. She’ll take home an award for “Fancy,” and we’ll just overlook it because yea, that song was played everywhere, all the time, so it’s automatically good.

This past Friday, the 2015 Grammy nominations were announced and they are getting more mind boggling as the years pass. Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” is nominated for Best Rap Song, and this is the exact display of trash disguised as treasure that I’m talking about. It’s this disarray of, “Who sold the most singles this year?” and not, “Who actually had a great album that can be played from start to finish?”

Now don’t get me wrong, there are some more than deserving Grammy hopefuls like Ed Sheeran, Sia, Common and Hozier, but when you throw in the Katy Perrys and the rest of the pop Top 40, things just become general. The whole production becomes a joke because one, they keep setting their audiences up for disappointment, and two, the Grammys rarely choose the best candidate to win. Just think about how many times you’ve seen Taylor Swift walk the stage just because she’s Taylor Swift.

Sam Smith is tied with Beyonce in leading this years noms. The Queen B will unsurprisingly take home an award for “Drunk In Love,” this we all know, but Smith undoubtedly earned all the praise he is receiving. You see, he has this actual thing called talent. Smith has a voice that can bring tears to your eyes, and a song called “Stay With Me” that’s probably going to win him Best New Artist and Record of the Year. It’s likely, but just as likely is the Grammy committee having their heads up their asses.


2014 has actually been a happy year of good music, so could the committee please explain to me why Wiz Khalifa’s Blacc Hollywood is nominated for anything when Rick Ross’s Mastermind was actually good. And why Lana Del Rey’s Ultraviolence isn’t nominated for anything, yet they’ve forced every generic hook that’s been released into a category. Like, I honestly do not believe they even listen to the music, they can’t be, because none of it makes sense.

Sad to say, but a lot of amazing albums missed this year’s deadline, like Prince’s Art Official Age, Hozier’s self-titled Hozier and T.I.’s Paperwork: The Motion Picture. These excuses are becoming deafening. Grammys has gotten lazy — period — and it’s gotten out of hand.

They need to get it together, because their struggle has gotten detrimentally real. The ceremony has become boring to watch, and some devoted fans have just stopped watching all together. It isn’t about the music anymore, it’s about album sales and radio play. We all know that commercial success and aptitude do not normally go hand and hand.

Should we veto the Grammy committee? Shouldn’t there be an age limit? Who has a Grammy? EVERYONE.

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