The Breakdown #1

Your insight into the world of television for the week of Jan. 11, 2015

“Parks and Recreation” is off to a great start, “Girls,” not so much.


Welcome to the first episode of The Breakdown. This is a series where we take what’s hot in TV and deliver the barebones of what’s happening in your favorite shows. This week saw the return of some great comedies such as Girls, Parks and Recreation and Broad City, as well as the premiere of new HBO comedy Togetherness. Midseason is still in its last days, so this week’s post is short and sweet. Let’s break it down!

Additional breakdowns from Michael Spring.

Note: The following breakdowns go into detail about their episodes. SPOILER ALERT!

Person of Interest (CBS)


“Control-Alt-Delete” finished off a superb run of episodes by giving us plenty of hope that the team may be reunited with Shaw in the future. Person of Interest has a great habit of producing fantastic episodes that shake up the format of the show, and it was no different here. Samaritan’s influence continues to grow and its next move seems to be going straight into the White House. Reese and Root were a lot of fun to watch together, and we seem perfectly set up for our heroes to strike back at Samaritan in the second half of the season.

95/100 – Superb

Parks and Recreation (NBC)


“2017” was a great start to Parks and Recreation’s final season. The three year time jump is a bold move that looks like it’ll pay off in a big way. We’ve spent six years with these characters now, so getting to see them in all new situations gives the whole show a boost. The new national park project and Ron and Leslie’s fallout are both solid stories that will form the season long arc, and I’m already looking forward to finding out exactly what “Morning Star” is. I’m going to really miss this show when it ends, but “2017” was the perfect way to start our goodbye to Pawnee.

92/100 – Superb

“Ron and Jammy”

This week’s second episode of Parks and Recreation started us down the path towards Leslie and Ron’s inevitable mending of the fences. Pitting the warring friends against the diabolical Tammy was a smart choice, and Megan Mullally was as hysterically funny as usual. The episode as a whole was funny as hell, and even offered up some surprising twists with Tom’s old flame Lucy returning, and April deciding to look for a new job. Two episodes into this final season and it already looks like it’s going to be one of the show’s best.

92/100 – Superb

Girls (HBO)


Girls returned with its fourth season with a bit of a sluggish episode. The opening was a welcome throwback to the opener of the pilot, but this entire episode felt like an episode-length “previously on Girls” segment. I feel the show isn’t giving its audience credit and felt as if we forgot all of Season 3. Given this episode felt like a glorified recap didn’t drive my excitement up for this season. However, I’m glad the girls are back and I’m curious to see how Iowa is incorporated into this season’s arc.

70/100 – Good



Togetherness (HBO)

“Family Day”

The Duplass brothers were able to bring a grounded feel to this semi-dysfunctional family. I felt as if I already knew these people even with the lack of a backstory. The brother dynamic is welcome as we got some great moments from both. Togetherness blends right in with HBO’s other comedies and should provide well-deserved laughs and an excellently produced narrative throughout the next seven episodes.

82/100 – Great

Broad City (Comedy Central)

“In Heat”

The comedienne duo came back with a solid episode full of their usual shenanigans. The search for AC was a hilarious journey, providing the off-beat dialogue that made me fall in love with this show. Seth Rogen’s appearance provided a mix of Broad City and “Rogen” humor. Kumail Nanjiani (Silicon Valley) also shared a scene with Abbi and Ilana, getting a double ear full of their iconic angry rants and insults. This episode kept my hope alive that these funny women can continue to entertain me.

80/100 – Great

That’s it for this week. Be sure to return every Saturday for your insight into the TV world.

What are your thoughts on the “Girls” premiere? Hate to see “Parks” go but love to watch it leave? Let us know on Twitter @YouNerded or in the comments below.

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  1. I enjoyed the start of parks and rec! Sad the series is in its final season, but most shows have a shelf life of 5 to 6 seasons anyways.

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