Gotham: “Welcome Back, Jim Gordon” Review

Gotham Season 1 Episode 13

Gordon learns a few harsh lessons as he attempts to track down a killer who may be a fellow police officer.



Note: The following review goes into detail about the episode. SPOILER ALERT!

I was quite down on Gotham last week, and I was feeling equally down right up until the final moments of this week’s episode. “Welcome Back, Jim Gordon” featured quite a bit of filler and an A-plot that lacked any suspense at all. I don’t want to watch Penguin getting drunk or Gordon running into the same wall over and over, but I am all sold on Gordon stepping over to the dark side to get the job done.

Gordon’s deal with Penguin ended up leading to a darker outcome than I was expecting. I figured that Gordon would get his information, but we wouldn’t find out how it was obtained. Then, Gordon would end up owing Penguin a big favor down the line. Actually seeing Penguin’s goon torturing that dirty cop’s wife was an unexpected and welcome dark twist. Having the guy show up at the end to plead with Gordon was chillingly effective, and it looked to have shaken him up. Gordon may have locked up a murderer, but he also stepped over the line and became more like those he has been fighting to put away. There’s a whole “does the ends justify the means” angle here that I’d love the show to explore; I hope this won’t be just contained to this week’s episode.

The aforementioned scenes with Penguin getting drunk and entertaining his mother at his newly acquired club were a chore to watch. I have loved watching Penguin’s arc on the show so far, but he’s had a couple of episodes now where he seems to just be showing up for the sake of it. His deal with Gordon was obviously important, but everything else just felt like filler to bide time until Fish showed up. I have grown to quite like Fish and Butch’s friendship on the show. He first saved Fish and showed that he was willing to die for her, and Fish then asked Bullock to save Butch if he was still alive. There’s a great loyalty shared between them, and I’d like to see them reunite in the future. I wasn’t expecting the little twist of a possible romantic involvement between Fish and Bullock, but I quite like it. Bullock is tough as nails, but he showed a more tender side of himself here. It’ll be interesting to see if Fish truly reciprocates Bullock’s feelings or if she’s just using him.



Bruce and Alfred made their return this week, and it turns out the reason for their absence was a trip overseas to Switzerland. Selina has made quite the impression on Bruce, so much so that he had Alfred out combing the back alleys for her. After reuniting, Selina quickly pushed Bruce away by telling him she didn’t really see who killed his parents, and that he was starting to get on her nerves. This was a clear attempt by Selina to protect Bruce by pushing him away. My favorite part of this was Alfred’s tough love with Bruce when he found him crying. It was the jolt that Bruce needed, and it looks like he’ll be getting back on the trail of his parents’ murderer soon enough.


“Welcome Back, Jim Gordon” put us back in familiar territory this week, with Gordon struggling to strike back at the rotten element inside the GCPD. There were a few telling differences this time though, with Gordon crossing a dangerous line to get the job done and more of his fellow police officers standing up for him. I feel exploring how far Gordon is willing to go to complete his crusade could be a great plot for the show to explore, while also adding a few extra layers to Gordon’s character. Here’s hoping we see more of this instead of Penguin polishing off another bottle of champagne next week.

Was Gordon right to make a deal with Penguin, or should he have continued on his struggle alone? Let me know what you think on Twitter @Oldsnake24 or in the comments below. Also, be sure to follow us @YouNerded.

70/100 – Good

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