Constantine: “Waiting for the Man” Review

Constantine Season 1 Episode 13

Constantine ends its first season with satanists, the return of Jim Corrigan and a rematch with Papa Midnite.



Note: The following review goes into detail about the episode. SPOILER ALERT!

Well folks, that’s the final episode of Constantine for a long time, as NBC works out exactly what to do with the show. While “Waiting for the Man” didn’t even come close to giving closure to the various plots Constantine began over its 13-episode run, the season closer managed to tell a satisfying, if slightly overstuffed final adventure.

With a blood moon rising, New Orleans detective Jim Corrigan (whom will one day become comics character the Spectre) summoned Constantine back to the bayou in order to solve a string of young girls being abducted by a satanist known only as “The Man.” Meanwhile, La Brujeria has put a price on John’s head, and Papa Midnite has begun using his voodoo to collect it for himself. While it was nice to see Jim Corrigan again, there was a certain feeling that this episode was originally crafted as a two-parter that got condensed, with Corrigan wasting no time in getting to the mystery. Zed also got a nice side story as she began having visions of Jim Corrigan’s death (and rebirth) and struggling to tell him about it.



The main plot was serviceable, with the suitably creepy “The Man” and his army of teenage “wives” making for unsettling adversaries. However, the real battle was the one waged between Constantine and Papa Midnite, whose game of magical cat-and-mouse showed off not only the power of the two sorcerers, but also the motivations behind them, making for one of Constantine’s best battles yet. With all of this action crammed into one episode, it did make proceedings feel a bit rushed, with some things (especially Corrigan’s return) feeling like they were deserving of their own episode. Additionally, the episode did not really live up to its billing as the culmination of the ‘Rising Darkness’ plot, as the end tag featuring a double-crossing Manny freeing Papa Midnite. This created more questions than it answered. The show has every right to try and leave the viewer wanting more, but this sort of reveal would’ve been better suited to the middle of the season, not the end.


“Waiting for the Man” turned out to be a good showcase for both the strengths and flaws of Constantine. It told a great standalone story that brought back interesting players like Jim Corrigan and Papa Midnite, and it was all anchored by the untouchable performance of Matt Ryan. But the script also felt a little too crowded and ended with a reveal that felt more confusing than intriguing. It’s been an interesting thing seeing Constantine evolve over time, with the general storytelling improving and the serialized elements continuing to suffer. It’s nothing they can’t address in a second season though, and once it gets everything right, Constantine will at last be the perfect companion to the legendary comic it’s based on. Let’s all gather outside of NBC’s offices and begin a ritual to ensure this happens.

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75/100 – Good

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