The RUA: ‘Essence’ Review

From being seen on the big screen to being heard on the radio, UK trio RUA releases their debut album “Essence” on St. Patrick’s Day.


The RUA is a group of three siblings (two sisters, one brother) who come from a very theatrical background, but now they are crossing over into other familiar territory—music—and all that it consists of.

Essence is filled with wailing anthems of perseverance, failure and poetry, all contributing vocally and instrumentally to their indie sound. There is no sappy love song here, which is a refreshingly versatile thing to pull off. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t songs about love. “Light From The Sun” is a beautiful track about the matters of the heart, but it doesn’t feel like someone is stabbing you in it; it’s more of a tolerable sting.

The RUA’s lead singer wails over the music on most occasions such as on “Stand Out,” with a voice that cradles pain so effortlessly. But that sound becomes layered when she is backed by the masculine voice of her brother, who evens out the tidal waves on “Follow.”

The instrumentation seems country influenced, always possessing that “tapping of the foot” component, especially on “Into The Crowd.” Yet, conceptually, you just know this isn’t country music at all. It’s very interesting. It’s very undefinable.


If you need a boost of motivation and/or a tad bit of inspiration, this is the album to find it. The RUA’s essence is floating on hope by the end of this album, and it’s possible to feel mentally stronger, as if you can endure anything.

72/100 – Good

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*This review of Essence is based on the 11-track Standard Edition

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