Justified: “Burned” Review

Justified Season 6 Episode 9

Boyd faces a stern obstacle in his quest for Markham’s money.



Note: The following review goes into detail about the episode. SPOILER ALERT!

Boyd has to be down to his last life now, right? He’s gotten out of so many tricky situations over the years, and he just managed to dodge both Jeremiah’s attempt on his life and the marshal’s handcuffs. If Zachariah hadn’t attacked him, Boyd would be spending the majority of his remaining years in prison. If Carl hadn’t heard Boyd’s desperate calls for help, well, Boyd wouldn’t have any years remaining. Boyd seemed frenzied by the end of the episode. He rounded on Ava first, believing she may have put Zachariah up to it. He also seems determined to make a final grab for Markham’s cash before it gets moved out of his reach, which isn’t like the calm and collected Boyd we’re used to. We’re so close to the end now and something has to give. It looks like Boyd could be forced into making a mistake now that the walls are closing in around him.

The great thing about it is, Boyd doesn’t even know just how close he came to getting snared by Raylan. If that plan had went off without a hitch, Boyd would have stepped out of that hole and right into a pair of handcuffs. I mentioned about how Boyd was acting a bit more erratic now, but I wonder what this missed opportunity will do to Raylan. He just saw his best chance at catching Boyd literally blow up in front of him, so I wonder whether he now might bend the rules a little further more than he has done in the past. He knows full well that Boyd will take another shot at the money, and it’ll be interesting to see if he can finally snag him then. I have my doubts.



It had crossed my mind that the snitch could be someone other than Markham or Hale, and I absolutely love the reveal that it was Duffy all along. He’s a fantastic manipulator, and he sided with Hale knowing full well that Markham wasn’t behind any of Hale’s misfortune. He has that kind of cockroach mentality that characters such as Saul Goodman display—survive at all cost. Raylan and Art put the squeeze on him, and it didn’t take long before he went into survival mode. There was quite a lot of emphasis put on how uncomfortable Mikey is with this whole “snitch” situation. Mikey said himself that he lives by a code, and I wonder if this code will see him turn on Duffy by the end of the series. Duffy may have great survival tendencies, but I still expect him to get squashed before the end of the season.


Another episode, another close call for Boyd. With time running out for the show, I don’t expect Boyd’s luck to continue for very much longer. He’s desperate now, and that desperation will likely see him end up in prison or six feet under. Raylan is also running out of time in his mission to catch Boyd before leaving Harlan. This all leaves us with the fascinating prospect of both of our main players facing a race against time to achieve their goals. I expect Zachariah to be a momentary obstacle for Boyd in the next episode, but then it’s time to get down to the end-game of the series. Everything is near perfectly setup for these final few episodes, it’s just waiting for someone to light the fuse.

85/100 – Great

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