The Breakdown #2

Your TV analysis for the week of March 22, 2015.


“I DON’T OWN A TV…………………….”

Note: The following breakdowns go into detail about their episodes. SPOILER ALERT!

Welcome to the long-delayed second installment of The Breakdown. This week features the finale of Girls and Looking, with the wonderful addition of the 100th episode of Community. As some shows have left us for the year, others like The Flash and Arrow are recently back and keeping with the good. Let’s break it down!

Additional breakdowns by Michael Spring and Max Mielecki

Girls: “Home Birth”

by Montel Allen

“Home Birth” was an episode that Girls and fans of the show needed. Each character got an open-ended conclusion—excluding the six months later epilogue. Hannah was strong enough to move on from Adam, showing that she isn’t the same Hannah from Season 2. Marnie also got a bit of independence, something she has rarely shown. Shoshana, whom is still lacking screentime even in Girls’ fourth season, might be on her way to Tokyo (anime Shosh?). Finally, Jessa belched out the idea of becoming a therapist, something I can see happening given her blunt nature. The best scene in the finale came by way of Ray’s breakdown of Desi about how incompetent he is and equally how Marnie is too good for him. It seems to have gotten to him seeing as Marnie is riding solo now. Season 5 should see our girls in a new place in life. Let’s just hope for some big changes to keep things fresh.

80/100 – Great

Looking: “Looking for Home”

by Montel Allen

“Looking for Home” was heavy on the emotions. This season has been building up to a happily ever after for Patrick and Kevin, but at its peak, it all painfully hit a ceiling. As the two worked so hard to finally get to the point where they can be together, their different perspective of what’s expected in a relationship collided. The writing in this episode allowed for this plot to be explored thoroughly, as the argument was started, maintained and finished strongly. Dom and Doris have been my personal favorite duo. The realization that they had to let each other go was heartfelt, but it allows for Dom to survive on his own and for Doris to face her true feelings for Malik. Augustine ran into Frank, a part of this episode that felt a bit off, but nonetheless caused for Augustine and Eddie to make things official. Although we were left with sort of a cliffhanger, it’ll be nice to see how Patrick, Dom and Augustine’s plots play out going forward. Given that Looking is cancelled and is getting the “special” treatment, we only have maybe an hour or two to find all of this out.

90/100 – Superb

Community: “Basic Crisis Room Decorum”

by Max Mielecki

Community showed off more of its new laser-focused approach to storytelling in “Basic Crisis Room Decorum,” grouping all the characters together to counter a city college ad attacking Greendale for giving a diploma to a dog. While there was still plenty of laughs to be had, new group member Frankie still doesn’t quite gel with the group, and the episode seems to lean more on absurd cutaways than the character-based fare of old. While there’s no expectation that every episode be an instant classic, it’s hard to escape the feeling that “Basic Crisis Room Decorum” was merely a good episode in a sea of great ones.

75/100 – Good

The Flash: “Rogue Time”

by Max Mielecki

This episode was an enjoyable romp on its own, but didn’t quite satisfy as a follow-up to “Out of Time.” “Rogue TIme” dealt with all the plot developments of last week by writing them out of existence, essentially making Eobard Thawne’s reveal and Cisco’s death a self-contained “What If?” story. While the presence of the Rogues was enjoyable, both the main plot and the Barry/Iris material didn’t quite land. It’s great to see the show embrace time travel, but let’s hope when it’s used next, there’s more consequences than Harrison Wells simply killing a different persona in the finale.

79/100 – Good

The CW

The CW

Justified: “Trust”

by Michael Spring

“Trust” was the perfect name for this episode. Raylan and Boyd both trusted Ava to some extent, while Markham and Hale’s relationship was basically built on a lack of trust. Along with all of this, Mikey turned on Duffy in a serious breach of trust. My mind has been racing for nearly a full year now as I contemplated how the series might end. Boyd vs. Raylan has always been the expected outcome, but Ava has stolen a march on the boys, and now finds herself hitting the open road with millions of dollars at her disposal. Raylan will be pretty miffed, and Boyd isn’t going to give up very easily, so we could end up getting Raylan vs. Boyd in the form of a race to find Ava first. Ava’s judgement call was completely unexpected, but also makes total sense. And with just three episodes remaining, it sets us up perfectly for the final act.

92/100 – Superb

Supernatural: “Paint It Black”

by Michael Spring

Supernatural’s latest take on a ghost story was an unfortunate, stale affair. Despite a few gruesome twists and turns, Sam and Dean’s side of things was pretty straight forward and not very exciting to watch. The only true standout moment of “Paint It Back” was Dean’s time in the confession box, and it was great to see him talk so openly to someone for a change. Rowena’s whole shtick is a little hit and miss sometimes, but at least her story seems to be finally headed somewhere. Her former coven leader Olivette has now pointed her firmly in Sam and Dean’s direction, and it could be interesting to see her try and get her hands on the Men of Letters’ supernatural treasure trove. I hope this will all dovetail into a strong ending for Season 10, as this season is starting to look like it’s in danger of running out of steam.

65/100 – Decent

Arrow: “Suicidal Tendencies”

by Michael Spring

Overall, “Suicidal Tendencies” was a decent episode that let Floyd Lawton once again shine. This was a fine diversion from the main story in some ways, and it brought the Atom in the mix in a big way, but now it’s time to really pick things up a notch. Arrow hasn’t been quite as focused as it was last year, and with six episodes left we’re still lacking a bit of urgency. The mayor getting murdered should prove to be exactly the catalyst we need though, and I’m hoping to see the whole city out for the Arrow’s hood. I still believe Ollie is going to have to take Ra’s’s offer in the end, and perhaps next week’s episode will lead us towards that decision.

75/100 – Good

How do you feel about ‘Community’’s sixth season thus far? Does ‘Looking’’s cancellation make you sad? What other shows would you like to see us breakdown? Tweet us @YouNerded or let us know in the comments.

That’s it for this week. Be sure to return every Saturday for your weekly TV breakdown.

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