HBO Announces ‘HBO Later’

It’s HBO, Later

Following the recent announcement of a la carte service HBO Now, HBO announces its sister service, HBO Later.


Netflix has been a threat in the corner of HBO’s eye in the past, but as of late, Netflix is escaping the periphery and entering the line of sight. Netflix has changed the way people watch TV with its dump-everything-and-binge philosophy. Given the red giant’s popularity with shows like House of Cards, and most recently with Bloodline, HBO is finally giving wanting fans a chance to binge its own shows in the same fashion.

Starting on June 21, HBO Later subscribers will instantly gain access to the entire fifth season of HBO’s mega-hit, Game of Thrones. Although ‘Later’ subscribers won’t be able to see a minute of the show’s premiere on April 12, HBO is confident that bingers won’t mind the wait. And for their patience, HBO is pricing ‘Later’ at $10/month—just $5 cheaper than HBO Now and $2 more expensive than Netflix.

“I hate waiting a week to watch Game of Thrones,” said somebody. “I would love to just watch it all in one day after waiting, ya know, 10 weeks after the show airs… wait.”

HBO is launching the service with timed exclusivity on Windows phones and tablets, stating that users are “used to being behind the curve.” OUCH! HBO Later is simply HBO Now, which is an untethered HBO GO, later. Get it?

Other shows such as Veep and Silicon Valley will be available to view when their respective seasons are completed. As is with HBO Go and HBO Now, HBO’s back catalog of original programs and movies will be available with the service.

Will you subscribe to ‘HBO Later’ now? Will you subscribe to ‘HBO Now’ later? Let us know @YouNerded on Twitter or in the comments below!

Source: April Fools!
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