Ink Tank #26: Trailer-geddon

Our heroes review ALL THE TRAILERS: ‘Star Wars,’ ‘Batman v. Superman’ and more! Is there no ceiling on this thing?

Warner Bros.


Welcome back, true believers! This week proved to be a huge one for news, as everyone seemed to be dropping new trailers and sneak peeks at upcoming films of awesomeness. Never fear, though, the heroic hosts of Ink Tank are up to the challenge, and we’ll be enthusiastically analyzing each and every one of them!

Here’s the full list of what’s on the docket this week:

  • This is the big one, folks. Disney and Lucasfilm have released a new trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens (now with 100% more Chewie!). Can our heroes withstand the awesomeness?
  • Max’s chair strikes back! Will his seat ever be quiet?
  • Warner Bros. has seen Disney’s Star Wars teaser and raised them a Batman v. Superman teaser. Was the first official look at the upcoming legal proceedings worth the wait?
  • Not wanting to be left out, 20th Century Fox has unleashed a new look at Fantastic Four. With the last one’s underwhelming performance, will our heroes be won over by the newest look?
  • Olivia Munn is Psylocke in X-Men: Apocalypse. Are Max and Alex excited that their summer love is appearing as one of the more popular mutants?
  • Alex would be if he knew who Psylocke was.
  • Discussion of the latest Powers and The Flash. With Christian, Johnny & Wolfe’s story continuing to deepen on Powers and Ray Palmer going to Central City on The Flash, you better believe our heroes have some things to say. There was no Arrow this week due to time constraints, but don’t worry, we’ll be spending a good amount of time in Starling City next week.

That’ll do it for this energetic episode! Next week brings us more comic goodness on the small screen, headlined by the penultimate episode of Powers. True fans know they can’t afford to miss it. Until then, keep it cool, folks.

Note: The following podcast contains EXPLICIT language and discussion of Powers and The Flash. SPOILER ALERT!

Trade of the Week: The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller with art by Klaus Janson. Experience the inspiration for Batman v. Superman by reading the classic novel depicting an aging Batman’s fight to reclaim his legacy and save Gotham City.

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Max Mielecki is a TV writer at YouNerded and does comedy for the interwebs. He knows Han shot first. For further ramblings follow him on Twitter @Maxmielecki.

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