Ink Tank #27: What a Bunch of Jokers!

Our heroes check out the Joker’s new look, along with a good helping of news from Marvel.

David Ayer [Twitter] / Warner Bros. Ent.


Welcome once again to Ink Tank, true believers! This week brought us a bunch of great news topics to chew on (plus something that may have ruined Alex’s childhood). There was a trio of triumphant television episodes to tear into with our awesome analytical gaze.

Here’s the full list of what’s on the docket this week:

  • After all the teases and previews, Jared Leto’s Joker is revealed! Do our heroes approve of the Clown Prince of Crime’s latest incarnation?
  • Sony has announced an animated Spider-Man movie for 2018, directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller. Is Max onboard with the idea?
  • Somewhat. Just don’t screw him over like that Paul Dini did.
  • Alex’s nightmares are now reality: Tyler Perry has joined the TMNT sequel as Baxter Stockman. Will he ever be the same?
  • Marvel has released a new Ant-Man trailer. Has the new look at the pint-sized hero won our heroes over?
  • Discussion of the latest Powers, The Flash, and Arrow. With both DC shows heading to Starling City, Oliver going to the Lazarus Pit and Flash finding out more about Dr. Wells, there was a ton to talk about. Plus discussion of the penultimate episode of Powers, written by Brian Bendis himself!
  • Max trolls Alex. Like, a lot.

Note: The following podcast contains EXPLICIT language and discussion of Powers and The Flash. SPOILER ALERT!

That’s it, folks! Join us next week for the exciting, exhilarating finale of Powers, as well as the usual news and trips to Starling and Central City. Until then, stay gold, true believers!

Trade of the Week: Superman artist (and fellow Chicagoan) Gene Ha has a new graphic novel called Mae. It’ll revolve around what happens when a young woman named Mae reunites with her long lost sister. The only problem is her sister was lost in a world full of fantasy creatures, and the creatures have followed her back! Check out the kickstarter and support some great creator-owned work.

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  1. Hey, I was promised explicit language.

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