Hulu Secures ‘Seinfeld’ and ‘Walking Dead’ Spin-Off

Sweet streams are made of these.

Hulu’s content continues to grow, as does its subscriber numbers.


Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins has made some major announcements concerning the billion dollar company at a presentation in New York Wednesday morning. The first major bit of news comes with the announcement that starting in June, subscribers will now have full access to all nine seasons of the hit series Seinfeld. This comes as part of a 130 – 180 million dollar deal. In addition, Hulu will be streaming the full, uncut episodes as opposed to the sped up and shortened versions which are currently in syndication on regular broadcast television.

Hulu has also struck up a new deal with AMC, with AMC giving the company exclusive streaming rights to their new and original programming. In that same deal, there will also be access to programming that falls under the AMC banner channels such as BBC America, IFC and Sundance TV. The golden goose in this deal for Hulu is sole exclusivity for streaming Fear The Walking Dead. The caveat of this deal is Hulu only gets AMC’s new shows, with shows like Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead and more still in the hands of Netflix. It’s also worth noting that Better Call Saul will pop up on Netflix, not Hulu.

These moves are all in part to ensure that Hulu’s subscriber numbers continue to grow moving forward, as it’s been reported that the streaming service hit nine million subscribers. This number shows a 50% increase as to what was reported last year. While a huge win for Hulu, it still is overshadowed by Netflix’s 50 million.

Are you currently subscribed to Hulu? If not, are Hulu’s new exclusives enticing enough for you to sign up? Let us know @YouNerded.

Via: The Verge (2) (3)
Source: Deadline / Variety

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